American Idol presented us with an impressive series of Rat Pack era performances last night, and the result was consistent competency.  We are past the days of clear bottom feeders.  Choosing who will be eliminated is no easy chore.  The bizarre performance of Simon Cowell, everyone’s favorite curmudgeon, complicates matters even more.  Also, Dial Idol gives us little insight this week.  All we are left with is logic which, as we all know, rarely has a place in the realm of American Idol.  I, Oscar Dahl, and John “Slap Fight” Kubicek discussed the prescient matters of American Idol on this week’s podcast and, unfortunately, came to the same conclusion – it is Matt Giraud’s time to walk the plank.

Below you will find the mp3 audio of our podcast.  Do enjoy.  Feel free to ignore the early part where John nerds out and talks about Battlestar Galactica.

Oscar’s Elimination Predictions:

3rd to Last: Danny Gokey
2nd to Last: Kris Allen
Last/Eliminated: Matt Giraud

John’s Elimination Predictions:

3rd to Last: Danny Gokey
2nd to Last: Allison Iraheta
Last/Eliminated: Matt Giraud

Oh, and Jamie Foxx actually wasn’t nominated for Ali.  He was nominated for Collateral. My bad.

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-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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