Adam Lambert fans were put through the collective ringer last night, as their favorite American Idol singer was placed, for the first time, in the bottom three and then the bottom two.  Cries of protest were heard throughout the country, viewers making guarantees that if Adam were somehow eliminated, they would no longer be tuning into American Idol.  Such proclamations are, of course, silly.  There’s no reason to be angry – this show is based on votes from the public.  The masses are going to get what they want.  American Idol will attempt to sway those masses, and often succeed in convincing the public that they like a particular contestant more than they probably should, but still – it’s all up to us.  However, Adam Lambert fans should be happy.  His first foray into the bottom of the pack ensures him at least a Top 3 finish.
If you don’t think fans of Adam Lambert are going to rise up and vote their pants off next week for their favorite singer, you are insane.  In fact, that is a popular conspiracy theory going around right now.  I have no doubt that Adam was indeed in the bottom three of the voting last night.  However, it is very possible that he was not the second lowest vote-getter.  Seacrest never said he was in the bottom two, and he never said that Kris Allen wasn’t in the bottom two.  Making Adam and his fans last sweat it out last night accomplished two things for American Idol, 1) It made for good television, and 2) It will inspire Adam’s fans to vote in big numbers next week.  

Was Adam Lambert’s inclusion in the bottom three a surprise?  Not really.  While the media attention has been focused on Lambert all season, the competition is tough right now.  The Top 5, and now the Top 4, doesn’t count a bad singer among them.  Everyone is good, as Simon admitted last night, and therefore the voting is going to fluctuate more or less at random.  Since Adam had yet to grace the bottom three with his presence this season, it makes sense that his voter base would get complacent, and assume he’d be safe no matter what.  Now that his safety isn’t assured, you can bet that Adam will remain free and clear for at least a week.  While some may have been surprised at his near elimination, they shouldn’t have been.  With only five left, it was bound to happen.  

In case it wasn’t totally clear going into last night, I think the Results Show cemented it – the Final 2 is almost certainly going to be Adam Lambert vs. Danny Gokey.  Danny is now the only contestant left who hasn’t touched the bottom three.  Kris Allen has found himself there too many times, and for whatever reason, doesn’t appear to have the amount of fans that Gokerino has.  It’s unfortunate, really, but that’s the truth.  I would love to see a final three of Adam, Kris and Allison, but that just doesn’t appear to be in the cards.

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-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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