Who killed Jennifer Windham? That’s the big question going into American Gothic’s “The Veteran in a New Field.” But soon, Madeline, the mayor and Garrett are all suspects in the SBK case.

Is The Mayor The Killer?

American Gothic’s “The Veteran in a New Field” begins with the aftermath of Jennifer Windham’s death. Brady and Cutter go to the crime scene and Brady thinks it’s a copycat while Cutter thinks it’s the real accomplice. Every detail is the same from the old murders. The bell even has the same indentation as the other bells, which was never released to the public. So Madeline and Garrett’s lawyer work to get Garrett released from prison.

Madeline goes to Alison’s office and tells her the charges are being dropped. Alison’s a little preoccupied, though. She feels guilty over Jennifer’s murder. Just then Cutter shows up and asks for the guest list at Mitch’s funeral. She also says she’s suspicious of Alison’s involvement in Jennifer’s murder. She wants to question Alison, but Alison refuses so she threatens to go to the press.

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Eventually, an FBI agent comes to take over the case. Brady, meanwhile, notices Cutter’s questioning Alison. Cutter thinks Alison killed Jennifer because she slept with Tom. Brady’s pissed that Cutter didn’t tell him she brought Alison in, but with the FBI coming in, it’s everyone for themselves. Alison then says that only Brady can question her. So Brady and Alison talk alone. But first, Alison has Brady close the blinds. Then she says Jennifer was murdered because of her and she knows who the killer is.

Alison tells Brady she thinks Mayor Conley is the killer. She admits to working with Jennifer and then shows him the pictures of the mayor and Cutter together. Jennifer followed up on that and found something big on SBK. She was going to report it right before she died. Brady needs more proof, but if the mayor is working with Cutter, anyone could be involved. Brady can’t trust anyone.

So Brady and Alison decide to work together. Brady calls the mayor’s assistant, who is very vague about where the mayor was the day of Jennifer’s murder. So they go to investigate at Jennifer’s apartment.

They go through the apartment and find a safe behind a picture on the wall. They try every combination they can think of until they try 12, 12, 12, because she worked for channel 12. Inside, they find a recording. Jennifer bugged the mayor. So Alison calls the mayor to her office and Brady brings Cutter. They download the recordings Jennifer got. Cutter apparently destroyed some evidence that tied the mayor to the crime scene.

The mayor admits he was at David Morales’ house the night he was murdered. He had helped him in the past, so he wanted help with his political campaign in return. David said no and they argued. The mayor left and found out David was killed the next day. Then he realized he lost a cufflink there. He went to Cutter because her dad was losing his house and he needed help. So the Mayor paid her $25,000 to take care of it. They were never supposed to talk about it again but the mayor got paranoid. He didn’t kill Jennifer though. He was coordinating with his Super pac when she was killed. That’s not as bad as killing someone, at least.

Garrett Comes Clean

Garrett tells Tessa he’s leaving prison. She’s not happy, though, because Garrett still killed someone. She had always defended him and believed in him, but he treated her with kid gloves. She demands answers, so he tells her about his friend El Jenkins. He’d never told anyone about that before, but Tessa tells him they’re family and they should be open with each other. So Garrett decides he’s in a sharing mood and tells Tessa that Christina’s pregnant and he really wants this baby.

Garrett finally gets out of jail. Tessa picks him up and says she couldn’t get a hold of Christina. Her phone is disconnected, she’s taking time off from work, and she may not be in Boston anymore. Tessa’s confident it will all work out though.

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Cam Completes Rehab

Cam finally finishes rehab and asks April out, but she thinks that will increase his chance of relapsing. She does give him some daily aspirations, though.

Cam comes home and bonds with Jack. Madeline, meanwhile, tells Cam he should try to get sole custody.

So Cam takes Jack to Sophie’s. They’re working on a history project, but they’re making some creepy art project with decapitated dolls. Cam then tells Sophie the lawyer is sending some paperwork over.

Later, Garrett tries to get his keys from Cam. Cam knows he’s about to take off and begs Garrett to be there for Jack, but Garrett leaves.

Who Is Madeline Hiding?

Madeline notices some strange things at the house, like all of these belts lined up on the couch.

At the same time, the FBI agent takes a bunch of photos and stuff from Mitch’s funeral from Madeline. They think the killer went to the funeral. This makes Madeline nervous. She calls someone and tells them that they shouldn’t have been at Mitch’s funeral after everything that went on with them. Tessa overhears. Cryptic.

So Tessa asks her about it and Madeline just says they need to be united. Tessa is very suspicious, though, and starts investigating.

Later, as she’s leaving for Jack’s history night, Madeline grabs her purse and a bunch of silver bells fall out. Tessa then reveals that she looked up the man Madeline called. He’s Caleb O’Connor, the man Madeline was having an affair with. Madeline says they need to trust each other. Even Garrett shows up to Jack’s presentation. And with Sophie’s help, it goes really well.

Tessa and Alison decide to meet up with Caleb. He says he went to the funeral to see Madeline’s face again. They were high school sweethearts, but it went past high school. They couldn’t let go of each other. Mitch found them and beat him up. But Mitch didn’t drag him down the stairs like they were told. He never even made it inside the house that day.

Tessa and Alison tell Cam what happened. His dream about someone dragging a body down the stairs has nothing to do with Madeline’s affair. So they all tell Madeline they know she’s been lying to them.

Brady And Garrett Face Off

Brady continues his investigation and says that they need to reconsider Garrett. He has new evidence that the knife really was his all along. The FBI agent, though, says Brady shouldn’t be working on this case since he’s married to Tessa. So he’s on temporary leave.

However, Brady shows up to Jack’s presentation and notices Garrett looking suspicious. He’s clearly not giving this case up.

Garrett goes to buy a new corn grinder. Then he digs up a body – presumably his friend’s – and starts to grind it up, which isn’t incriminating in the least. Of course, that’s when Brady shows up with his gun drawn.

Will Cam Go After Sole Custody?

After the presentation, Cam says he’s not going after sole custody. Garrett also tells Jack to to be himself. April also decides to come and they agree to be platonic, but that’s obviously not happening. Sophie sees them and gets jealous.

The next day, though, Cam learns that Sophie had been using Jack to buy drugs posing as candy. He confronts her over it and she says Jack never knew. Cam says he’s using this as ammunition to get custody and she begs him not to. Then he tells her to make a new life for herself and make peace that Jack won’t be a part of it. She completely breaks down.

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