Just when we think we know who the Silver Bells killer is on American Gothic, they yank it away. Last week on American Gothic, it looked like Gunther admitted to being the Silver Bells killer and then killed himself. But in “Christina’s World,” Brady finds out that Gunther was in the hospital during one of the murders. So who is SBK?

Whose Side Is Brady On?

American Gothic’s “Christina’s World” begins with Alison tied to her bed and hooking up with her campaign manager. Her mom calls so she picks up in the middle of everything. She just found out about Gunther’s death, so she has to go home.

Brady and his partner Cutter fight over who gets to take the lead on the case since Brady has a conflict of interest. But Brady says that he has more information since he’s a part of the family. He thinks Gunther was the killer. He shows his boss the picture of the belt and claims that Gunther hated rich people. He knew they were checking out the case again and so he killed himself. The crazy neighbor also randomly shows up and complains about her cat again.

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Tessa wants to tell the police about the silver bells, but Madeline says no. She had Gunther get rid of the bells, so this will make her look bad. Alison also says they should keep it a secret. Madeline also points out that they don’t know if Brady’s loyal to them or the case. Tessa finally agrees.

The next day, Brady tries to make Tessa breakfast, but she’s still really pissed. He apologizes for doing the DNA test, but at least they got the Silver Bells killer. He promises to never betray her again and there won’t be any secrets between them. Of course, she’s keeping her own secret with the bells.

Later, the neighbor goes to visit Brady at work. Detective Cutter sent her to him for help with Caramel as a prank. She explains how the Hawthornes have always been after her cats. Gunther almost hit her cat once, but he swerved and crashed his car and wound up out of work. Detective Cutter overhears her and realizes that Gunther couldn’t be the killer. He was in the hospital at the time of one of the murders.

Tessa later speaks with Madeline and admits that she doesn’t want to have a baby anymore. She’s too upset over Brady’s betrayal and she misses Mitch. Madeline says that Mitch wasn’t perfect, but she loved him. You can’t wait until things are perfect to have a family because nothing’s ever perfect. And there’s nothing more important than family.

So Brady and Cutter go to the hospital to make sure Gunther was the killer. But he was in an upper body cast for nine weeks. You can’t strangle someone in a body cast. They also find out he had lung cancer and only had a few months left. Cutter wants to check his finances. She thinks someone convinced him to take the fall for this since he was dying already. This means the Silver Bells killer is still out there and is rich.

Tessa winds up calling Brady and says she forgives him and wants to move on. She wants to start trying to start a family again.

Brady and Cutter get some DNA results. Gunther wasn’t a match on the belt. And the DNA on the brush Brady stole was from a Hispanic woman. Cutter thinks Brady switched the DNA to get his family off the hook. He completely denies it and she agrees to give him 30 minutes before telling on him. He asks Dana to say she screwed up the results. He needs to figure this out because right now it looks like Tessa is covering for someone and is connected to the Silver Bells killer. Dana says if Tessa is connected, Brady has to come clean. And she wants a boat. If he agrees, she’ll help him.

Brady goes home and asks Tess if she put someone else’s hair in the brush. She said she told him that her family didn’t want to give a DNA test. She was testing him and he failed. Then Brady tells her Gunther wasn’t the killer. He tells her that if anyone in her family has anything to do with SBK, he’s going to make sure they go to prison.

Cam Spirals Out Of Control

Cam’s still at Sophie’s house and finds out about Gunther. “At least you’re not a suspect. That’s good news,” Sophie says. They need to celebrate and Jack’s at science camp all weekend. So they go on a bender. “Don’t you miss this?” Sophie asks.

Later, some strange guy named Link shows up. He sells dope to Sophie. And it turns out she owes him $4,000. Cam tells him to leave and he punches him in the face, which is predictable. He demands his money by tomorrow night.

Sophie swears she’s going to pay Link. But where is she going to find that kind of money? Cam promises to pay him for her. Then they get high again.

Cam winds up telling Garrett about the debt. He’s planning to ask Madeline for the money. Garrett winds up asking Madeline for the money instead. He’s never asked for anything in 14 years and says to take it out of whatever Mitch left him in the will. Madeline gives it to him and he gives it to Cam.

Cam then goes to pay Link the money, but Link says that Sophie came and “settled up.” I guess they hooked up. Cam grabs a pipe, beats him and steals some drugs. (Who saw that coming?) Cam then confronts Sophie about it. Cam calls them both and their son Jack depraved and Sophie storms out. Then Cam starts smashing things in the apartment.

The Hawthornes Get Sued

Madeline goes to Alison. The woman who lost her foot during the tunnel collapse is suing the company. The problem? This could dig up some old skeletons. They could be liable for millions and this could ruin Alison’s campaign. Plus, Tom is now the owner of Hawthorne Concrete. They need to make the lawsuit go away.

Alison tells Tom about the lawsuit. They then go to see the victim, Ms. Tyler, to try to placate her. Tom says that as the new CEO, his company isn’t responsible for this. He offers her $200,000, but Alison gets pissed that he low-balled her. She says they agreed on $500,000 but then offers $1 million. Ms. Tyler doesn’t buy it. She calls them “bad cop and blond cop” and demands $15 million or her foot back.

So Alison and Tom go through all the problems in the company. The company’s been paying people off and is dirty. But they also find a safety inspection report on the collapsed tunnel that the mayor happened to sign. So Alison thinks they should team up to take down Ms. Tyler.

So they go to see her together. They want to offer her $1 million. They then show her a video they found of her drunk while she was on probation for a DUI. She could go to jail. They’ll give her $1 million if she drops the lawsuit and gives a press release thanking them and the company to make sure this never happens again. Meanwhile, while she’s watching the press release, Madeline gets a mysterious note.

Alison comes home to change and she and Tom are about to have sex, but he finds Naomi’s dress in their bed. She admits to having sex with her in their bed, but he thinks it’s hot. Alison and Naomi later watch the mayor give a press release and hook up again, but someone’s watching them.

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What Does Garrett Want With Christina Morales?

Garrett continues stalking Christina Morales and winds up watching her at a bar. She sees him, though, and asks him to go smoke a cigarette with her. They flirt and then Christina says she found out that they found her father’s killer and he’s dead. She’s going to celebrate with some alcohol, cigarettes and “anything else that presents itself.” Then she kisses him.

Garrett and Christina wind up having a picnic. Christina says she moved to Boston with her father when she was six and her mother died when she was a baby. Her father’s death almost destroyed her. Garrett says his murder probably had nothing to do with her and the killer probably never thought about the “collateral damage.” Christina found her dad’s body though. Christina wants to change the topic, so she asks about his baggage, but Garrett’s tight-lipped.

Later, Garrett shows up at Christina’s apartment with a bottle of wine and they hook up. But Garrett seems conflicted when he takes off his belt and holds it. Is he going to strangle her because he’s the killer? I doubt it.

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