Show of hands: Who expected more drama in last week’s satisfying but scandal-lite season finale of Gossip Girl?

Well, apparently, the original script had a completely different ending, according to Gossip Girl casting director Renee Godbout. Godbout described on how the season would have ended had they gone with the original script.

Serena & Dan

In the original script, Serena (Blake Lively) doesn’t catch Dan (Penn Badgley) with Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg), but Dan confesses his misdeeds to Serena anyway. Godbout thinks that the way the events went down in the version that went to air was the better, more dramatic choice, as it allowed Serena to call her nemesis a “crazy, manipulative bitch.” I agree. More confrontation equals more drama.

Blair & Chuck

The part of the script that was entirely rewritten involved our favorite two schemers, Blair (Leighton Meester) and Chuck (Ed Westwick). They were supposed to have rendezvoused at the airport, instead of at the helicopter pad. Chuck gets stuck in traffic on his way to the airport because of a car accident en route. He sees Lily (Kelly Rutherford) at the scene, crying and holding a lily. Chuck gets out of his limo only to find that his father has been killed in the accident. Needless to say, Chuck doesn’t make it to the airport on time. Blair, thinking that Chuck is back to his loutish, womanizing ways, decides to spend the summer in Europe with Carter Baizen instead, the same guy who bilked thousands of dollars from Nate (Chace Crawford) at that high-stakes poker game.

Renee Godbout isn’t sure why the powers that be behind Gossip Girl decided to change the script. Perhaps, they wanted to keep old Bart Bass around longer to create more conflict between Rufus (Matthew Settle) and Lily. But then again, we wouldn’t have had Lydia Hearst guest-starring as Chuck’s new object of desire. All I can say is, I’m so glad that they didn’t bring back that Blandy McBlandpants, Carter Baizen. Gossip Girl is better off without him.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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