At the FOX upfronts two weeks ago, Prison Break announced that they would be adding two new characters to the series for season 4. One character will work with Michael and Lincoln while the other will work against them. Soon after, it was announced the Michael Rappaport will be joining the show as a series regular. Recently, the show announced the addition of a third character. E! Online dished out the details, saying, “The new season of Prison Break is back Aug. 25, and they’re introducing a new nerdy hacker character named Roland Glenn to join the boys for at least six episodes to help them fight the Company. He’s a talker, this one, and his big fat mouth is going to get him into trouble.”

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Prison Break revealed a few more juicy tidbits about the fourth season at the upfronts, most of them courtesy of Wentworth Miller. He said that his character, Michael Scofield, will be getting his tattoos removed. The actor called the storyline “bittersweet”, since the tattoos have defined so much of who he has been. He went on to say that if he could sum up the upcoming season, he would say that the “Dirty Seven” will all team up against The Company.

Miller also recently spoke to Access Hollywood about what viewers can expect when the show returns, saying, “I think it’s time that the boys stop running and I think it’s time to stand and fight.” He went on to say that he felt confident that the show had longevity, feeling that the writers were always coming up with new and unexpected twists and turns for the characters of Prison Break.

Prison Break’s 4th season will premiere on August 25th. FOX has announced that the show will move from its usual 8pm time slot to 9pm ET.

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