On tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith continued her therapy as she tried to come to terms with her mom’s attempted suicide during her childhood.  Cristina got her mojo back, courtesy of a sparkle pager.  Alex disregarded all rationale in his attempt to care for Rebecca.  George received a lot more information than he bargained for, courtesy of Lexie’s photographic memory.  The staff at Seattle Grace came together to save a patient stuck in a very interesting position.  Derek and Meredith worked side by side on the last two patients in their clinical trial.

Read on for more details on tonight’s season 4 finale of Grey’s Anatomy.

Meredith worked with Dr. Wyatt to understand what her mother was trying to tell her when she attempted suicide.  Dr. Wyatt refused to give Meredith the answers, saying that she needed to figure them out for herself.  Meredith began the episode angry.  Angry at herself, her mother, Dr. Webber, at everybody.  She put her baggage aside, though, to work with Derek on their final two patients for their clinical trial.

Derek and Meredith worked on Beth and Jeremy, two teenagers with brain tumors.  The two met and fell in love after meeting in a support group.  Everyone from that group has died except for them.  Though Beth’s parents are against the relationship, Derek and Meredith work secretly to let the pair see each other.  The two even have sex for the first time before undergoing their risky surgery.  Jeremy’s surgery is first and, unfortunately, doesn’t make it out alive.

The doctors at Seattle Grace had to work together when a teenage boy was rushed in after becoming stuck in cement.  He laid in the cement to impress a girl that he liked after being dared by a group of schoolmates.  The kids who put him up to it didn’t seem to care about his condition but Callie suspected that the girl cared more than she let on.  Cristina was able to take on the case with Bailey, Webber, Sloan, Callie, and Hahn after Meredith gave her the sparkle pager to cheer her up.  It was Cristina and Bailey who ended up being largely responsible for the boy surviving the ordeal.

After George let Lexie know that he could go into the chief’s office anytime he wants, she took it upon herself to sneak in there and read through all the files.  She found out that George only failed his intern test by 1 point.  She relays this to him, along with info on all the other residents, but he is upset by it.  George confronts Webber, asking for a second chance, and finds out that he will be allowed to take his test again.  He celebrates by running home to Lexie and planting a kiss on her.  A casual kiss, to George, means a whole lot more to Lexie and it seems she is developing feelings for him.

Alex struggles to take care of Rebecca, who is unable to bathe or feed herself.  In the kitchen, while making lunch, she tries to kill herself.  At the hospital, Izzie steps in and says that she will call the police if he tries to take her home.  In a surprising confrontation, Alex calls her a “stupid bitch” and tells her to stay out of his life.  Later, he reveals that his mom suffered from mental illness and he had to take care of her.  He finally agrees to let Rebecca get the help she needs and turns to Izzie in a time of need, practically begging her to sleep with him.

Sloan spent much of his time trying to convince Callie to just be who she is.  After a long day at the hospital, Callie finally owns up to who she is and what she’s been feeling, planting a kiss on Erica.  Webber goes to Adelle and asks for her to allow him to move back home.  She happily agrees and the two also kiss.  Derek finds Meredith on his property, having laid out the plans for the house she wants with him in candles.  They kiss but he breaks away, saying he must end things with Rose before he can come to her.  He asks her to wait for him and leaves her standing in the house they will, hopefully, share someday.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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