In an effort to step outside of the box, actress Allison Mack has signed on to direct an episode for Smallville‘s seventh season, which is slated to premiere on September 27.

The 24-year-old actress said in her official blog site that she will be directing the 20th episode of the series this year.  She decided to try her luck on the other side of the camera after realizing she has never placed herself in a situation where she is doing something new.

“I am so intimidated! It’s silly. I know that I have eight months to prep and that I have the most amazing crew of people around me that will do everything in their power to help me make something awesome, but getting past that ego that drives me has been a huge challenge,” Allison Mack said in her blog site.  “Ignoring the voice inside my head that is screaming ‘You have no clue how to do this!’ has definitely been a challenge.”

Having made a very public announcement regarding her directorial debut on the show, Mack assured fans that she will not back out of her new project.

“I can’t go back on my word. It’s that silly pride thing that is actually helpful in this situation. I am taking on something so foreign but I have made a strong decision to enjoy the learning process!” she said.  “Who knows, maybe I will become a fabulous director and just have two careers!

In Smallville, Allison Mack plays Chloe Sullivan, a budding reporter for the Daily Planet.  When the series began in 2001, Mack’s character, who was created independently of the DC Universe, was attending high school, where she served as a reporter for Smallville High’s paper, The Torch.  Throughout the majority of the series, Chloe was believed to be powerless and unaltered by the meteor crash.  However, it was revealed in the previous season that she, too, possesses superhuman powers, particularly the ability to bring people back from the dead.

The Smallville episode that Mack is set to direct will air sometime in late April or early May.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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