As Sarah Mason, Siena Goines was originally known as the “mystery woman” on the television series Jericho.  Later, it was revealed that she was a former coworker and ex-girlfriend of Robert Hawkins, and was part of a secret CIA taskforce.  Tasked to find a package containing a nuclear device hidden in Robert’s house, she holds his eight-year-old son, Samuel, hostage to force Robert to turn over the package.  She failed, despite her efforts, and ended up dead when Robert’s daughter Allison shot her in the back. In the coming months, fans will be able to catch her on the big screen.

The former Jericho actress has just completed filming the movie Hunter’s Moon, a science fiction horror story about four young couples drawn to a remote dune.  Their outing turns out to be a night of terror when a brutal hunter attacks them as human specimens for an alien experiment.  Also included are Dan White, Devon Sawa and Matthew Lawrence.

Currently in post-production stages is the film The Mannsfield 12, where Siena Goines plays Nadine.  The drama centers on a group of inmates and their underestimated act that made them legendary.

Additionally, the former Jericho actress stars in the comedy Throwing Stars. She plays Lyn Hutto in a story about four longtime friends who put their bond to the test over the course of one wild night. The film features Scott Grimes (ER), Jason London (Wildfire), Scott Michael Campbell (ER), and David DeLuise (3rd Rock from the Sun).

Before acquiring a string of movies projects, Siena Goines was cast as Christy in the movie Jekyll. The remake featured Matt Keeslar as Doctor Henry Jekyll and the computer-generated alter-go Edward Hyde in a spree of uncontrollable impulses and murder extravaganza.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Kris De Leon

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