Beth Grant was known as Gracie Leigh on the series Jericho.  During her stint on the show, she portrayed a local grocery owner who became a primary source for food and supplies in the aftermath of the attack.  Although she was capable of great generosity, as exemplified by her relationship with Dale Turner, she was also prone to greed.  Taking advantage of the town’s situation after the bombing, she increased her prices and took family heirlooms as barter, which made her unpopular with the residents of Jericho.  Her capitalistic tendencies led her into contact with shady associates, which eventually cost her life.  Before the year ends, the 57-year-old actress will be featured in a string of movies, ranging from drama, thriller and comedy.

The former Jericho actress taps into the thriller genre with the film In My Sleep.  She plays Evelyn in a plot about a man who suffers from a rare sleeping disorder that causes him to do things in his sleep, which he can’t remember the next day.  Complications sink in as he struggles to figure out his personal issues while finding solace in alcohol and women.  The cast also includes Philip Winchester and Tim Drawls.

Also coming out this year is the film Natural Disaster, which features Beth Grant as one of the lead stars.  The drama centers on Beth (Grant) and John (John Diehl), a married couple who take in refugees from a hurricane catastrophe.  Fear and panic set in with the coming of another storm that strikes an illness to the couple’s guests.  But hope is not lost especially with the return of the couple’s estranged adoptive daughter who may be only one who can avert the human disaster.

Last but not the least, the former Jericho actress stars in a comedy movie called Southern Baptist Sissies, which follows the everyday lives of four gay boys growing up in a Baptist community.  She plays a mother to one of the gay boys, joining Joey Kern, Rich Delia and Scott Presley just to name a few.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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