Fans of the unscripted reality show “The Bradshaw Bunch” know that the show is full of humor and features a family that supports each other through the ups and downs life brings. The show centers on Terry Bradshaw and the women in his family — his wife, Tammy, and their three children, Rachel, Lacey, and Erin. It also features the daughter’s husbands and their children. 

Filmed on Terry and Tammy’s ranch in Thackerville, Oklahoma, “The Bradshaw Bunch” allows an inside look at the private life of the Bradshaws — everything from a surprise vowel renewal ceremony in Hawaii to the family filming a hot sauce commercial and Terry’s bets with his granddaughter, Zuri. The show is especially appealing because of the fun and heartfelt banter the family has with each other. 

If you are a fan looking to catch up or are completely new to the show and trying to learn more, we can help. This article will tell you all you need to know about the primary cast of “The Bradshaw Bunch.” We’ll also discuss where you can watch (or rewatch) all the show’s episodes and any news on when to expect new episodes. 

About Main Cast Members of “The Bradshaw Bunch”

While Terry Bradshaw may be the most well-known name in the show, each member of the family brings something to the show. A close family, the Bradshaws are willing to open up their personal lives and show us how they support each other through it all. Keep reading to learn more about the history of each main cast member. 

The Bradshaw Bunch Cast

Back: Rachel Bradshaw, Lacey Hester-Luttrull, & Erin Bradshaw Weiss
Front: Tammy & Terry Bradshaw

About Terry Bradshaw

Terry Paxton Bradshaw was born in Shreveport, Louisiana. Many people will recognize Terry from his time as a professional football player in the NFL, where he played quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1970 to 1983. 

At the end of his playing career, Terry turned to a broadcasting career with CBS. Terry has also spent time hosting a talk show, acting, singing, and writing. In fact, Terry holds the distinction of being the first NFL player with his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He breeds and shows horses from his ranches. Now, the man some have called “the greatest of all time” shows us an intimate look at his life in his best role yet, the world’s greatest dad.  

About Tammy Bradshaw

Tammy Bradshaw, Terry’s fourth wife, appears to take a back seat in the face of her husband’s personality on the show. It is clear to fans that she is a grounding force and half of a duo their family has described as an “unstoppable force.” Terry himself tells people he married his best friend when he married Tammy. 

The Bradshaws came together in 1999 and married in 2014  after 15 years of living with their three daughters. Tammy and Terry have been through a lot, including Terry’s health problems and the death of Tammy’s son in 2009. The tragedy has caused Tammy, along with her family, to dedicate herself to increasing awareness of opioid addiction — primarily through the work of the 525 Foundation. 

About Rachel Bradshaw

If you watch the show, you no doubt remember when Terry and his daughter Rachel gave an emotional performance at the Grand Ole Opry. In addition to being a star on “The Bradshaw Bunch,” Rachel Bradshaw is a musician. 

Beginning as a little girl, singing with her dad at home, she eventually made her way to Nashville and found a passion not just for performing but for songwriting. She gained a record deal and found success in songwriting during her time there. However, she returned home to take a break when her label went under — which is when she joined her family to do the show. She rediscovered her passion for music during the pandemic and, since then, has released her first EP album.

About Lacey Hester-Luttrull

Terry Bradshaw’s stepdaughter, Lacey, is the daughter of Tammy and her former husband, David Luttrull. Her parents divorced when she was young and so Terry has been a kind of father figure to her for most of her life. His love of sports must have rubbed off on her because Lacey coached a high school women’s basketball team. 

Lacey has two children. Her daughter, Zuri, and son, Jeb. Zuri and Terry share a tight bond and are often seen together on the show playing jokes on each other. She is married to a private chef, Noah Hester. Lacey has become a fan favorite on the show — likely partly because of how strong and humble she comes across with her family, focusing on a life outside of the fast lane. 

About Erin Bradshaw Weiss

Before Erin Bradshaw Weiss became well-known to fans of the show, she was already an accomplished equestrian and still participates in horse shows. Erin’s husband, Scott Weiss, is a horse trainer. Erin and her husband and father operate a horse breeding and training center on their ranches in north Texas. 

Initially, the idea of joining the family in a reality television show did not sound appealing to Erin, who describes herself as quiet and private. However, with her family’s encouragement, she took another look and liked how the network was planning to structure the show. In the end, she signed on and has become an important part of showing the family’s close-knit dynamic. Erin and Scott also welcomed their first child recently. Jessie Weiss was born on December 18th, 2021.  

Where Can You Watch “The Bradshaw Bunch?”

“The Bradshaw Bunch” airs on E! network. If you plan to binge-watch the series, there are several streaming networks that carry the series, including the E! parent company NBC, along with Fubo, Peacock, Amazon, VUDU Google Play, and more.

How Many Episodes of “The Bradshaw Bunch” Are There?

There have been two seasons of “The Bradshaw Bunch” so far. The first season premiered on September 17, 2020, with an episode titled “Three Daughters, Three Problems.” The season included 10 episodes. 

The second season included 13 episodes and premiered on October 6, 2021. This is the season where the fan-favorite episode, “Playing the Field, Playing the Feud,” with Terry coaching the family for their “Celebrity Family Feud” appearance, aired. The series also ran a “Season 2 Kickoff Special” that aired on August 11, 2021, before the second season began. 

Will There Be a Season 3 of “The Bradshaw Bunch?”

Fans eagerly await the newest Bradshaw family pranks. Sadly, we are still waiting for information on when E! might premiere season three. As of right now, the series is in limbo. It has not been renewed or canceled. In February, Bradshaw himself gave an update on negotiations. According to him, negotiations were ongoing, but a scheduling problem for filming had delayed decisions. 

Keep checking back with BuddyTV for new information. As soon as we hear, we will update our site to get you the latest on if and when you can expect to catch up with the Bradshaw family with season three of “The Bradshaw Bunch.”

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“The Bradshaw Bunch” gained popularity for the humor and positive family vibes the Bradshaws bring to their lives. Fans have fallen for the quirky and genuine cast of family members. While they are each unique, they come together to support each other and laugh along the way.

While we don’t yet know when to expect “The Bradshaw Bunch” season three, we are watching closely to get fans the latest and greatest news. Stay tuned for more news. In the meantime, BuddyTV is here with all the most important updates on your favorite shows and movies. 

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