Jackson, Mississippi, is home to the five southern belles of “Belle Collective.” These powerful entrepreneurial Black women set goals, support one another, and live their best lives. Of course, as with any reality tv show, there is also plenty of drama between the collective members, in their love life, and in business.

“Belle Collective” follows Tambra Cherie, Dr. Antoinette Liles, Latrice Rogers, Lateshia Pearson, and Marie Hamilton-Abston. The show premiered on the Oprah Winfrey Network in January 2021 with executive producers Carlos King and Slane Hatch of Kingdom Reign Entertainment. 

With season one over, viewers have wondered what happened to “Belle Collective?” Will there be another season? Has it been canceled? Here is the latest news about this OWN reality show. 

Did “Belle Collective” Get Canceled?

The Belles are back! “Belle Collective” was renewed for season two on OWN and recently dropped a season two trailer on YouTube. This first look at the new season showcases a few important changes to the Belles.

It seems that a lot of the relationship drama from season one will carry over into season two. Marriages remain rocky for Lateshia and Marie, while the question of children seems to strain Latrice’s relationship. 

The biggest change, however, is that Dr. Antoinette Liles has left the show. But “Belle Collective” did announce their two new cast members,  Aikisha Holly-Colon and Sophia O. Williams.

When is “Belle Collective” Season 2 Coming Out?

According to OWN, season two will premiere on Friday, July 29, 2022, at 9 p.m. EST on OWN. 

Where Can You Watch “Belle Collective?”

If you haven’t seen “Belle Collective” and want to catch up before the premiere of season two, then look no further than OWN and the OWN app. Full episodes are available to watch for free on OWN and Hulu. You can also watch “Belle Collective” on Amazon Prime Video and Discovery+ through your Discovery+ membership.

About the Cast of “Belle Collective”

The five Belles of “Belle Collective” season one are strong, independent businesswomen who know what they want. They chase their dreams and achieve their goals. Most importantly, they keep working toward furthering their careers. They are busy women showing the world what it means to be a boss in Jackson, Mississippi.

The Original Belles

Lateshia Pearson

Lateshia Pearson

Lateshia is the CEO of Lateshia Pearson Enterprise, Inc. She is also the CEO of the National Women’s Brunch Organization, a networking platform for female entrepreneurs. She empowers and inspires other women and encourages Black women to open businesses. In 2020, Lateshia won the Top Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the 2020 Top 50 under 40 award.

In season one, Lateshia set out to revitalize the Farish street historic district. Farish street used to be the “Black Mecca.” It was full of Black-owned businesses where community members could find anything they needed.

However, over the years, the street has fallen into disarray. Lateshia hopes to bring it back to life in honor of her grandfather, who remembered Farish street during its heyday. Season one starts with Lateshia hosting a business women’s brunch to announce her plans for Farish street. That brunch started a slew of drama between three of the other Belles.

Though Lateshia worked all season on this project, she was met with several roadblocks she is still trying to pass. Hopefully, she can achieve her goal in season two.

Latrice Rogers

Latrice Rogers

CEO of Goddess Lengths Virgin Hair, Latrice is a businesswoman, a beauty mogul, and a TV personality. According to Forbes, she started her hair business out of the trunk of her car with about $300 and quickly became the top name in hair, hair extensions, and wigs.

Latrice says that her biggest business move was deciding to start selling her hair in vending machines in a mall. This led to her landing a contract with mall brands across the country, all wanting her hair vending machines.

She is very proud of her products and her business. This causes a bit of drama between the Belles in season one when Marie questions the quality of the hair she claims to have purchased from Latrice’s shop.

However, Latrice doesn’t let this stop her from moving her business and career forward. During season one, Latrice decides to launch her new hair care line, E’Sensual Beauty. 

Marie Hamilton-Abston

Marie Hamilton-Abston

This self-made millionaire is the CEO of Hamilton Davis Mental Health. Marie has several businesses under her name, making her the CEO of the Hamilton Davis empire. She proudly recognizes herself as the first Black woman in Mississippi to open mental health clinics and provide services to children, youth, and adults.

In season one, she shared that her mother is an addict and wasn’t there for her when she was a child. This pushes Marie to expand her businesses to include opioid treatment centers. During this season, she also expands her mental health business by opening a new and larger clinic in Jackson. Known for speaking her mind, Marie brings a lot of drama to the Belles.

In the first episode, “Wigs and Waffles,” she accuses Latrice of selling her a bad wig. This confrontation blows up at Lateshia’s brunch. But Marie’s drama doesn’t stop with the Belles; her marriage to Cedric is also on the brink of divorce. What’s more, Marie might have found a brand new man.

Tambra Cherie

Tambra Cherie

Known as the Midday Diva, Tambra Cherie is a full-time TV and radio personality. She hosts a midday show on Jackson’s only hip hop and R&B station, WRBJ-FM. While she loves her career in radio, Tambra hopes to break out into other aspects of entertainment.

Her end goal is to become a national correspondent. Outside her regular radio gig, she serves as a guest co-host on Dish Nation TV. She has guested on Lifetime Network’s “Bring It!” During season one of “Belle Collective,” Tambra starts to make big life decisions in her personal life. She considers whether she wants a child or marriage.

All the while, she starts a new-ish relationship with her sort-of boyfriend, Demond, with whom she has a past. But what Tambra does know for certain is that she loves helping others, which is why she wrote a self-help book in 2018 – “Surrounded by Sin, Grounded by Love: 8 Simple Keys to Becoming a Better You.”

Dr. Antoinette Liles

Dr. Antoinette Liles

Originally from Michigan, Antoinette moved to Jackson, Mississippi, in 2007. After that, she attended dental school and married her school sweetheart.

However, as her career started to thrive, she found herself divorced without a support system. But that didn’t stop her from pursuing her dream of owning her own practice.

In season one, Antoinette starts construction on her private dental practice, Mint Dental. The process of building a business is stressful, slow, and time-consuming, which is why in the season finale, Antoinette only shows a sneak peek of her new practice. While many of the Belles know each other from around Jackson, it’s clear that Antoinette is an outlier.

She is close with Latrice from the start and starts to make better connections with Lateshia as the season goes on. However, Dr. Antoinette is not returning to the show for season two.

According to her social media, she decided that the show was no longer serving her. She says it was a business decision and wishes the best for all the rest of the Belles and the show going forward.

The New Belles

Season two will introduce two new Belles to “Belle Collective.” These two powerful businesswomen are also from Jackson and know a thing or two about success. 

Aikisha Holly-Colon

Aikisha Holly Colon

This new Belle is the President and Executive Director of the Willie and Aikisha colon Foundation and the Vice President of The Holly Foundation. She is also a partner and co-owner of Bricks and Hops Beer Garden. The restaurant’s first location is in Bronx, NY, but she will soon be bringing a second location to Jackson, specifically Farish street. Aikisha’s husband is former NFL player and Super Bowl Champion Willie Colon.

Sophia O. Williams

Sophia O. Williams

Sophia, A.K.A. So Gucci is a certified personal trainer. She owns two So Gucci Fitness centers, which focus on boot camp-style workouts and encourage health and wellness in the community. But personal training and fitness aren’t her only passions. Sophia is also a successful real estate agent in Jackson. She sold more than $1 million in property in her first year. 

Will There Be a “Belle Collective” Season 3?

While “Belle Collective” season one was a success for OWN, there is no telling right now if there will be a season three. Ratings and reception from viewers will help show OWN that people want to see more of the Belles. So, if you want season three, make sure you tune in for season two.

UPDATE: “Belle Collective” Season 3 aired its first episode on May 19, 2023, and will air every Friday on OWN.

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