Relationships are a mixture of moments of bliss, happiness, tears, and fights. Sometimes couples go all the way, and other times they end in divorce. What happens when divorce looms? Where do the couples turn to? 

“Marriage Boot Camp” is one of the places couples turn to for help. WeTV calls it “the most extreme relationship therapy boot camp,” and you better believe it. The show brings together couples having troubles in their relationship — under the same roof — and makes them go through some exercises with help and guidance from in-house experts, Judge Lynn Toler, Dr. Ish Major, and Dr. Venus Nicolino. In the end, some of these relationships are salvageable, and others are not.

The reality TV show, which recently concluded its 19th season, is quite popular among  Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers and ranks 481 among the most popular contemporary TV shows, according to a rating by YouGovAmerica.

This article will tell you more about “Marriage Boot Camp” and the latest news and info about the show.

Where Can You Watch “Marriage Boot Camp?”

“Marriage Boot Camp” is currently not streaming new episodes. However, you can catch previous editions of the show on various channels. For example, “Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas” is free on Pluto or Plex. Still, generally, you can stream all the different editions of “Marriage Boot Camp” on WeTV.  You can also stream the show when you buy or rent it on Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Philo, FuboTV, or Google Play.

What Happened in Season 19 of “Marriage Boot Camp?”

“Marriage Boot Camp” season 19 — Hip Hop Edition — premiered on March 31, 2022, on WE tv. Subsequent episodes are streamed on the ALLBLK app. The season featured four celebrity Hip Hop couples.    

  • Famous singer, actress, and TV personality K. Michelle and Dr. Kastan Sims have both been in an on-and-off relationship — not legally married.
  • Music executive and TV personality Rich Dollaz and rapper Mariahlynn who had been together for eight years before the show — both are confirmed separated now.
  • R&B singer and songwriter Lyrica Anderson and record producer and rapper A1 Bentley filed for divorce in early 2022.
  • Finally, Tennessee-born rapper and former Three 6 Mafia member Lola Chantrelle Mitchell — aka Gangsta Boo — and her podcaster boyfriend, Emmet Flores.

Here are some of the notable moments we saw during the season. 

“Poison Envy:”

Hypothetically, it’s often said that cheating or fighting couples still get jealous when they see their other half with the opposite sex. This perfectly describes what we saw in episode three when the show’s producers made the Boot campers swap partners for a day to perform some very sexy dancing. The atmosphere was charged with displays of obvious jealousy and envy. In fact, hell was almost let loose as K. Michelle and Lyrica resurfaced a past feud, and we also saw a side of Gangsta Boo we didn’t know existed. What an episode that was.


The fights never seem to end between K. Michelle and Lyrica — whatever the diss between them was, it sure must have been a serious issue. The two had several bouts of heated moments on the show — firstly, in episode three, then in episode six, “50 Shades of K,” and again in episode seven. However, the hosts had some big surprises for the couples, who all needed to learn the real meaning of respect.

“Liar, Liar?:”

Episode nine had some drama. Therapist Dr. Ish confronted Gangsta Boo, and Emmett about a white powder reportedly discovered in their room. Dr. Ish encouraged Gangsta Boo to seek help if she was struggling with substance addiction. The Three 6 Mafia star was obviously upset and rebuffed the claims. However, the rapper didn’t stop there. She called out Dr. Ish on her Instagram handle after the episode suggesting that his approach during the show was wrong. She wrote, “You would think that someone like @drish would have a better choice of delivery when he is trying to be all “professional” not sure if he just a TV “Dr” when the cameras are on or in real life when they are off.” — the post has since been deleted.

The Lie Detector Test Results:

There was lots of drama in the season finale, “Shoulda Put a Ring On It,” as the couples decide whether to walk away from their relationship or to stay in it. But firstly, there was the moment of truth when Dr. Ish announced the lie detector test results. The lie detector tests occur in a session where individuals are asked questions privately. The producers try to see if their responses match — who is being truthful and who isn’t. Three of the six individuals tested were found to have lied — Lyrica, A1, and Mariahlynn.  

All the Editions of Marriage Boot Camp

While there have been 19 seasons of “Marriage Boot Camp,” the TV series is further grouped into four different editions — Bridezillas, Reality Stars, Reality Stars Family Edition, and Hip Hop Edition — with each edition having its own unique concept.

Here’s a synopsis of the different editions we have seen so far.

“Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas”

“Marriage Boot Camp” kicked off in 2013 with five couples from “Bridezillas.” For starters, “Bridezillas” is an American reality TV show that premiered on WETV on June 1, 2004. The show chronicles the lives and busy schedules of young women betrothed to be married — in a sometimes humorous fashion. Years later, these ladies were now married, and their relationships needed help. This is the inspiration behind “Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas” — call it a spinoff of “Bridezillas.”.

“Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas” ran for two seasons featuring Anya Fuchs, Jim Carroll, and his wife Elizabeth Carroll as hosts. Jim and Elizabeth Carroll served on the show for seven years before moving on.

“Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars”

“Marriage Boot Camp” was renewed in 2015 for a third season, but this time with another edition — Reality Stars. This season featured reality TV couples whose marriages were almost hitting the rocks as the host and boot camp directors embarked on a rescue mission. “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” ran for nine seasons and featured reality TV couples like:

  • Roger Matthews and Jennifer Farley from “Snooki & Jwoww” and “Jersey Shore.” 
  • Kevin Surratt and Traci Braxton from “Braxton Family Values.”
  • Kiwane Garris and Syleena Johnson from “R&B Divas: Atlanta.”
  • Cedric Carter and Sundy from “Basketball Wives LA.”
  • Adam Friedman and Lisa D’Amato from “Celebrity Rehab” and “America’s Next Top Model.”

“Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition”

In this edition of “Marriage Boot Camp,” four reality TV star families going through well-publicized riffs come to the boot camp to seek help. This edition ran for three seasons. Some of the couples featured include:

  • Penelope Bellino and Alexis from “The Real Housewives of Orange County.”
  • Jane Carter and Aaron from “House of Carters.”
  • Paula Johnson and Chad Ochocinco from “Dancing with the Stars” and “Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch.”

“Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition”

The unique thing about this edition is that it features Hip Hop couples — some of which you’ve already met above. The Hip Hop edition is produced by Thinkfactory Media for WETV. 

Where is “Marriage Boot Camp” Filmed?

“Marriage Boot Camp” has retained its sunny Southern California location since it premiered in 2013. Every season the couples featured get to live together in a mansion in Los Angeles for the entire duration of the show.

Will “Marriage Boot Camp: Have a Season 20?

There is no official release yet about whether or not “Marriage Boot Camp” will return for a new season — similarly, there is no news on whether the show is canceled. Stay tuned with BuddyTV for updates.

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