There’s plenty of drama in this enticing reality series from WE TV. “Love After Lockup” follows the lives of couples who met when one person was serving time in jail or prison, providing plenty of storylines to follow and fodder. With episode titles like “Secret Cell-mates,” “Sex Dolls,” “Sneak Peek,” and “Snitches,” you’re sure to find loads of entertainment watching this show.  

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The show launched in 2018. Despite having a small marketing budget, this true love series quickly grew in popularity.  Viewers had plenty of curiosity about these couples who met while one of them was behind bars. There was even demand for a spinoff, “Life After Lockup,” which premiered in 2019. Another series was later added to the expanding franchise, “Love During Lockup.”

This article will cover all the latest news about the alluring TV show, “Love After Lockup,” and the unique couples who are featured on it. 

Where Can I Watch “Love After Lockup?”

If you’re a fan of “Love After Lockup,” or just checking out the reality series for the first time, there are plenty of places to stream the show. Some full episodes can be viewed at and the (who owns and operates WE TV). 

You can also access the show through popular streaming platforms YouTube TV, FuboTV, SlingTV, Philo, and DIRECTV Stream. You can also rent or buy episodes on Amazon Prime.

What is “Love After Lockup” About?

“Love After Lockup” features couples who met while one of them was incarcerated. The show takes us through the lives of several felons after being released from prison or jail – and details the process of developing and maintaining relationships with their significant others, beginning from behind bars.

Many of these couples are meeting for the first time upon the release of the incarcerated individual. As they navigate their new lives together, there are shown to be plenty of bumps along the way – from family drama to moving in together, to infidelity, and insecurities. The broad spectrum of emotions experienced throughout the show has viewers coming back, eager to know more.

Is “Love After Lockup” Real?

Like any reality show, viewers probably wonder how real “Love After Lockup” is. There have been rumors that the show has hired actors to instigate some extra drama or is heavily edited. However, “These are real people, real relationships,” said Matt Sharp, the founder of Industrial Media’s Sharp Entertainment (and the show’s producer).

To appear on the show, couples need to apply online and share their compelling story with the show’s producers and casting team. The application even asks for the incarcerated partner’s Department of Correction number so the show’s producers can confirm that one-half of the couple applying is actually imprisoned – and not faking a jailhouse romance.

The show tries to remain as authentic as possible to the couples and what they’re experiencing as they search for true love. Though it’s an entertaining television show where the cast members do receive compensation, it’s also a depiction of these couple’s real lives. 

Is “Love After Lockup” a Good Show?

The interest is strong in following the stories of the eccentric couples featured in “Love After Lockup.” WE TV’s hit series has enjoyed high ratings from the beginning.

That first season, even with very little marketing funds behind it, saw about 663,000 viewers per episode. By season two, this number jumped to an average over one million every episode.

The show’s ratings have remained consistently strong ever since. The later episodes of its third season averaged close to 1.3 million viewers per episode.

For three years in a row – 2018 to 2021 – “Love After Lockup” was ranked as the number one program in its Friday night timeslot for all women ages 25 to 54.

“Viewers have an endless fascination with how love unfolds for those behind bars, which is why this franchise continues to deliver for WE TV,” said Brett Dismuke, general manager at WE TV & ALLBLK. “We couldn’t be more pleased to build on our position as the #1 destination on Friday nights for women 25-54, and believe that it’s our focus on the human side of these surprising relationships that continue to resonate with our passionate and loyal audience.”

About the Cast of “Love After Lockup”

In its four seasons, “Love After Lockup” has featured nearly 50 different couples as they create their happily ever after in the real world upon their prison release. 

Here are some of the show’s most notable couples:

Rick Ryder and Raydean Voight:

Voight, who spent five years in jail for controlled substances and evading arrest, is 20 years younger than Ryder. Their relationship beyond prison walls will be featured in season four.

Tayler George and Chance Pitt:

This couple met when Pitt called George looking for her ex-boyfriend, who was a friend of his. Love blossomed from there through frequent phone calls. Now, during season four, they’re connecting on the outside once Pitt is released from jail. He served seven years for burglary and grand theft.

Antoine Whitaker and Lacey Rodgers:

Rodgers was married when she met Whitaker through her friend – his mother. She’s 12 years older than him, too, which will probably lead to plenty of drama for this season four couple.

Indierra “Indie” Treadwell and Harry Velez:

A favorite from the spinoff “Love During Lockup,” Treadwell says Velez is her “spiritual husband.” They’re featured on season four and looking forward to a second chance at love after he’s released from prison. He served time for aggravated robbery and kidnapping.

Tiffany Bolton and Kevin Hale:

This couple met not long before Bolton went to prison for possessing a controlled substance. They hadn’t even made their relationship official yet. Still, they did their best to make it work while she was in jail and their story will continue on the outside in season four.

Alla Subbotina and James Cristia:

This season one couple met through a prison pen pal service while Subbotina was serving time for selling heroin. They stuck together even after she was arrested a second time. Sadly, Subbotina, a former model, has since died.

Andrea Edwards and Lamar Jackson:

This couple met as pen pals while he was two-thirds of the way into an 18-year prison sentence for armed robbery. Their wedding was featured at the end of season one.

Brittany and Marcelino Santiago:

Though Brittany spent two years behind bars for conspiracy to commit burglary, they’re still going strong. Their wedding was even featured at the end of Season 2 and they have three kids together.

Daonte Sierra and Nicolle Bradley:

This couple is known for their love triangle. Sierra was fixated on Bradley, who was widely regarded for having treated him poorly. Ultimately, she married Tia, a woman she met while behind bars for larceny.

Kristianna Roth and John Miller:

Featured during several parts of season three, this couple married but later split up. Roth, who previously served three years on a burglary charge, was arrested again for second-degree burglary.

Kaylah Jackson and Martel:

Featured in season four, this couple has been together for 13 years. Jackson recently moved away from her family in Pittsburgh to be with Martel, who was in jail on gun and drug charges, in Atlanta after his release.

When Does Season 4 of “Love After Lockup” Premiere?

The “Love After Lockup” season four release date was Friday, March 4, 2022. This new season features five new couples in 10 new episodes. The episodes are also airing in a new 90-minute format.

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