As we approach season 6 of “Better Call Saul,” which will be the final season, it’s time to take a look back at all that has happened over the course of the show and project the future.

For those who haven’t been keeping up, “Better Call Saul” is the prequel to AMC’s hit show “Breaking Bad.” The show follows the story of Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk), a small-time lawyer who eventually transforms into the morally ambiguous character Saul Goodman.

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Over the course of five seasons, we’ve seen Jimmy McGill’s descent into the world of crime, as he’s taken on more and more shady clients and gotten himself involved in some dangerous situations. We’ve also seen him struggle with his relationship with his current wife, Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn).

So are you ready for the final season of “Better Call Saul?” We’ll try and answer your most burning questions.

How will things go down in “Better Call Saul” season 6?

Based on the trailer (see our full breakdown below), there’s going to be a lot of violence this season, no surprise there.

He’s what we’ve discovered about the plot (well, part of it at least) for the upcoming final season.

Jimmy aka Saul Goodman

It looks like Jimmy is in for some surprises on his path to fully becoming Saul Goodman, his criminal lawyer persona. He looks like he’s all business this season.

It leaves us with more questions than answers.

  • How much hot water will Jimmy’s transformation into Saul lead him?
  • Will Jimmy’s marriage to Kim survive?
  • Can Jimmy ever find a way to heal from his brother Chuck’s death?
  • Is Jimmy in danger of going to jail?

Kim Wexler

We’re not going to lie, we’re a bit worried after seeing this tweet by Rhea Seehorn, but some seem ready for the pain.

Several others replied with memes of distress over concerns for Kim, which is to be expected.

While Kim is constantly looking over her shoulder during the official season 6 trailer, she also begs the question of Jimmy about being followed.

Is she just being paranoid? I guess we’ll find out.

Nacho Varga

Nacho seems to be in constant duress and either running for his life or hiding at times in the first two episodes.

Will there be redemption for Nacho? Actor Michael Mando who plays Nacho seems to think so.

He answered the following about his feelings on season 6 during an AMC interview

“I think this is a redemption story, and I feel that the character has truly done everything he possibly can, including risking his own life, to do the right thing, and I’d like to see a character like that rewarded”

Mike Ehrmantraut

Mike by far has the best line coming up this season, which leaves us with a huge cliffhanger in the trailer.

Will he play a vital role in how things turn out with Nacho?

We also see Mike and Gus get into it over Nacho in another leaked preview of episode 1.

Gustavo “Gus” Fring

Will Gus’ plotting come back to haunt him or will it catch up to him?

Any ideas on what Gus could possibly be discussing with Hector? Can he find Nacho and does he even care?

We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Salamanca Twins

“The cousins” look to be out for blood this season, and they’re always packing heat.

Can anyone stand up to them? They seem like a fairly formidable team.

Mystery Character

And who the hell is the new mystery character at the end of the trailer, a friend of Lalo? Another family member? Some say it’s the real Jorge De Guzman.

Is Walt in “Better Call Saul” season 6? How about Jesse?

Jesse, Jimmy, and Walt

Yes to both. Variety reported that both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will be guest stars in the upcoming season 6 of “Better Call Saul.”

Will there be a season 7 of “Better Call Saul?”

No, The Hollywood Reporter discovered in an interview that season 6 will be the last season of “Better Call Saul.”

When is “Better Call Saul” Season 6 being released?

“Better Call Saul” will be released in two parts with the first part’s release date being April 18, 2022. In total, there will be 13 episodes in season 6.

Season 6 Part 1

The first release date will include the first two episodes, “Wine and Roses” and “Carrot and Stick.” There will be seven episodes in the first part, which will end on May 23, 2022.

Season 6 Part 2

Part 2 of season 6 will include six episodes that will release on July 11, 2022, and will run through August 15, 2022.

Where to Watch “Better Call Saul” Season 6

AMC will first broadcast episodes of season 6. Viewers outside the US and Canada will be able to watch episodes on Netflix the following day.

There’s still no word on when viewers in the US and Canada will be able to watch the show on Netflix.

How popular is season 6 of “Better Call Saul?”

The anticipation and buildup to season 6 have been nothing short of stellar. The show has already received top-notch reviews from multiple critics for season 6 and optimal ratings from viewers for previous seasons.


Top critics all certified the show “Fresh” on RottenTomatoes with a 9.8 average rating.

Better Call Saul Season 6 Tomatometer


Even reviews (Under the Radar rated the show 8/10) that weren’t perfect scores seem to sell the show as a must-see.

“An all-time great comedic-drama that can now boast top-tier action and thriller scenes to its ever growing list of feats. There’s no better way to begin Better Call Saul’s closing chapter.”

IMDb Pro

Just this past week (ending April 10, 2022), the popularity of “Better Call Saul” skyrocketed into the top 20 shows listed on IMDb.

IMDb-Pro Moviemeter for Better Call Saul

(Source: IMDb Pro)

“Better Call Saul” reviews from viewers of past seasons have been pretty high and even across all demographics, which speaks volumes of its popularity.

Better Call Saul IMDb Pro Ratings Breakdown

(source: IMDb Pro)

Parrot Analytics

According to Parrot Analytics, “Better Call Saul” has seen its demand increase by over 22% in the past 30 days. The increase in demand (27x more than the average TV series) has put the show ahead of 99.8% of other drama titles in the US.

Better Call Saul Season 6 Audience Demand

(source: Parrot Analytics)

What “Better Call Saul” Spinoffs are Expected?

Apparently, an animated series dubbed “Slippin’ Jimmy” will look back on Jimmy McGill’s life in Chicago when he was young. The show will premiere on AMC’s digital platforms along with season 6 of “Better Call Saul.”

Official “Better Call Saul” Season 6 Trailer Breakdown

If you’re looking for a complete breakdown of the “Better Call Saul” Season 6 trailer, you’ve come to the right place.

We went frame by frame to help put together the story of season 6.

Here’s our take on the new “Better Call Saul” Season 6 trailer:

(0:01) The trailer begins with Jimmy getting out of his car at the “El Camino Dining Room” parking lot at night. You hear the echoed sound of his shoes tapping; like he’s walking down a long empty hallway.

Jimmy at the El Camino Dining Room

Jimmy arrives at the El Camino Dining Room

(0:03) Someone’s (looks like Nacho) watching by peering through a rusted hole in a wall.

Lalo spies on Jimmy?

Who’s watching me?

(0:05) The scene cuts to two men wearing cowboy boots and walking across a boardwalk (most likely “The Cousins”). We can only see their legs and their silhouette from the shadow they cast. 

The Cousins cast a shadow

“The Twins” following Kim?

(0:07) Who’s behind Kim? You see her look over her right shoulder in the next shot.

Kim looks over her right shoulder

Are we being followed?

(0:08) Next, you see Jimmy and Kim at home on their bed having the following discussion.

Jimmy and Kim discuss being followed on bed

Are we being followed?

Kim: “You ever feel like you’re being followed?”

Jimmy: “Well, you know what they say. The wicked flee when no man pursueth.”

Kim: “You think we’re wicked?”

During their bedroom discussion, you see several short scenes that include the following:

(0:11) A sharpshooter (possibly Lalo) who scopes onto a “Los Pollos Hermanos” distributor trailer.

Lalo holds a sniper rifle in a prawned position

Lalo the sharpshooter?

Los Pollos Hermanos in the crosshairs

Los Pollos Hermanos in the crosshairs

(0:14) A man (who looks like Gustavo) is seated in a dim room, wearing glasses, and clasping his hands with interlaced fingers. He looks to be in deep thought or is something else troubling him?

Gustavo Pondering

Is Gustavo pondering something?

(0:15) The discussion between Jimmy and Kim continues…

Well, you know what they say...

Well, you know what they say…

(0:19) Jimmy can be seen walking inside the halls of a courthouse towards a door marked “Courtroom 300” on the mantel.

Jimmy walking to Courtroom 300

Jimmy walking to court…

(0:21) Mike Ehrmantraut has a flashlight in his hand looking up at the ceiling.

Mike uses flashlight to look up at ceiling

What’s Mike looking for?

(0:23) A man running towards us; outside on a barren dirt round around dusk or dawn.

Outdoor running

Where are you running?

(0:26) The scene cuts back to the bedroom where Kim asks Jimmy…

You think we're wicked?

[Music starts playing]

(0:29) You see a man holding one half of a pair of very sharp scissors that have been broken apart; the other half laying on a kitchen table. In the background, you see a woman with her back turned standing in front of a stove.

Man holding half of sharp scissors

Is that a knife in your hand?

(0:31) Jimmy and Kim are walking in their suits to catch a cab. Jimmy is carrying an extra suit and Kim is holding a yellow coffee tumbler that says “World’s 2nd Best Lawyer Again.”

Jimmy and Kim walking to cab

Off to work?

(0:34) The scene cuts and you see the coffee mug in a trash can with the yellow taxi in the background pulling away.

Yellow Taxi drives away

What’s more yellow? Taxi or coffee mug?

Are you the guy?

(0:36) Jimmy enters what looks like a nail salon full of people standing around…and then the following dialogue begins.

Crowded salon waiting to see Saul

You here to see me?

Jimmy: “Who’s here to see Saul Goodman?”

Man: “You’re the guy, right?”

Jimmy: (Shrugs) “What guy’s that?”

Man: “Salamanca’s guy”

During the discussion, we see several cut scenes.

(0:40) A man (probably Nacho) walking down an underground corridor with his back to us.

Man walking in dark underground corridor

Where’s Nacho going?

(0:42) A southwestern mansion with numerous body bags on the lawn being removed by officials; some wearing HAZMAT suits.

Mansion lawn with body bags

What happened here???

We later discover that “The Cousins” are walking up to this crime scene in the tweet below.

(0:44) A cardboard cutout of what looks like Saul being removed from an indoor pool.

Saul carboard cutout removed from indoor pool

Get out of the pool

(0:47) The salon discussion continues with two men asking Jimmy…

Are you him?

(0:48) Jimmy responds to the two men…

Are you the guy?

What guy is that?

(0:51) The back of a white Cadillac with the New Mexico vanity plates reading “LWYRUP”

White Cadillac with LWYRUP plate

(0:53) A man running at night toward a motel named “Ocotillo”

Man running to Ocotillo Motel at night

Hot date at the Ocotillo?

(0:57) Jimmy lying in bed with Kim at night; she’s sound asleep on her side while he’s on his back looking straight up, wide awake.

Jimmy awake while Kim sleeps in bed

Bad dream Jimmy?

(0:59) Lalo Salamanca pulling a bandana down from his face

Lalo Salamanca wearing a bandana over his face

Still worried about COVID?

(1:00) Someone rings a front desk call bell

Front desk call bell

Can I help you?

(1:03) Leonel and Marco Salamanca, aka “The Cousins”, wearing suits and cowboy boots while totting “pistole” in their right hands; are probably the same men that were following Kim earlier. You’ll notice a new grey SUV with a huge dent near the front of the driver’s side door. What happened there?

"The Cousins" walking tall with pistols

Looking for trouble…

(1:04) Nacho sitting and grasping his hands with a very distraught look on his face.

Nacho looking distraught

What’s wrong with Nacho?

(1:04) A cellphone rests on a desk with someone in the background (probably Gus) looking out a nearby window, but then turns toward the phone.

Gus waiting for a phone call

Who’s calling?

A Case Against Jimmy

(1:05) We see two government agents wearing suits walking near an iron fence in town (see below) having the following discussion:

First agent: “Are you building the case against Jimmy?”

Second agent: “I’m just getting warmed up.”

While they discuss the demise of Jimmy, the following flash scenes can be seen as follows:

Agents walking downtown

Agents discussing Jimmy…

(1:07) Jimmy standing in a busy hotel lobby.

A case against Jimmy

(1:08) Mike looking at two picture IDs. Who’s he looking for?

Mike looks at two IDs

Is Mike on the hunt?

(1:08) Someone dumps a roll of cash, a pistol, and other paraphernalia from an envelope onto a bed.

Stash dumped out on bed

Who’s stash is this?

(1:10) Agents continue to discuss Jimmy’s demise in a locker room.

Agents discuss Jimmy in locker room

(1:11) Jimmy sitting in an empty courtroom with only one light over him.

Jimmy sits in an empty courtroom

Waiting for court Jimmy?

(1:12) Kim leaning against the side of her car with her eyes closed; facing up to the sky. In the background, you’ll see a modular building that appears to have a sign that says “Sweet Liberty” above the front door.

Kim leans against her car outside Sweet Liberty

Catching some rays Kim?

(1:13) Jimmy can be seen holding his briefcase in his left hand and then looking up a flight of stairs.

Jimmy holding a briefcase

Jimmy’s ready

Jimmy looking up staircase

Maybe I’ll take the elevator…

(1:14) An all-white “Chester the molester” van goes speeding down a desert road.

White van driving down dirt road

Road to nowhere?

(1:15) Mike standing in a living room wearing all black with blue surgical gloves and looking around.

Mike wearing blue surgical drugs

Find what you were looking for Mike?

(1:16) Gus can be seen shaking the hand of Hector Salamanca who’s sitting in a wheelchair and wearing an oxygen tube.

Gus shaking hands

Let’s shake on it…

Hector sitting in wheelchair with oxygen tubes

Hector agrees…

Only We Know

Jimmy: “No one knows what we’re doing, except for us.”

Kim continues to listen to Jimmy while the following scenes speed by:

(1:19) Jimmy looks to be walking and looking up toward a Statue of Liberty model.

Jimmy walking toward blowup Statue of Liberty

(1:20) Kim is seen at home and blows out smoke from a cigarette she has in her right hand.

Kim smoking a cigarette indoors

Feeding cancer…

(1:21) A dark figure too blurry to make out is seen holding a handgun in their right hand pointed toward the screen.

Man in the shadows pointing a gun

Suck on this…

(1:21) Mike moves something off a metal door in the flooring. What could be in under there?

Mike removing something from a metal door in the flooring

Secret storage?

(1:22) A man is cutting into a safe with a power tool while another holds a flashlight. Who are they and what are they after?

Man cutting open safe while another holds a flashlight

What’s in the safe?

(1:22) A man jumps out the window of a two-story building. We see an A/C window unit on the ground…was it kicked out of the window???

Man jumps from 2nd floor window

Avoiding the stairs…

(1:23) Elevator doors open to find Jimmy standing inside. He looks a little annoyed…what’s up Jimmy?

Jimmy on elevator

Jimmy arrives…

(1:25) Jimmy and Kim sitting on the bed continuing to finish the discussion.

Jimmy and Kim talking while sitting on bed

…except for us

[Music Continues]

(1:27) A man (probably one of “The Cousins”) kicks in an old beat-up motel door on the first floor, but is anyone inside?

Motel door kicked in

Tired of knocking?

(1:27) The man that jumped out the window is now running away through tall and thick dead weeds.

Man sprinting through dead weeds

Who’s he running from?

(1:28) Mike is inside a dark room with a flashlight; taking money out of a safe. We also see the IDs he was studying earlier, but who are they for?

Mike storing away some loot in a safe

Mike’s loot

(1:29) A Jaguar with the vanity plate “NAMAST3” goes speeding through the parking lot of the “Crossroads Motel”

Jaguar with NAMAST3 plate

(1:29) Gus sitting in the passenger seat of the white van mentioned above. Is that Nacho driving?

Gus sitting in passenger seat of white van

What or who is Gus looking for?

(1:30) A woman taps the right heel of her black high heels on a mixed gravel-cement pavement. Is she nervous or excited?

Woman tapping her right heel in stilettoes

The sound of heels tapping…

(1:30) Flashback to a man (Tyrus Kitt) pointing a gun toward the screen with another (probably Gus) in the background near a window.

Tyrus pointing gun at someone

Is this a stick-up?

(1:31) Jimmy looks out a window and turns his head to the left with a look of disgust.

Jimmy looks to his left with a scrowl

Who pissed off Jimmy?

(1:31) A public bathroom toiler overflows the floor with water as it goes down the drainage.

Toilet overflow bathroom floor

Who clogged the toilet?

(1:32) Howard is sitting on a brown leather couch with a window to his left

Howard sitting on a brown leather couch

Is Howard waiting for someone?

(1:321:33) We see one man run by while another (looks like Nacho) is lying down inside a truck, parked beside the “Ocotillo” motel, and holding up two handguns in the air. Looks like he’s the one putting all those miles on his shoes in the previous scenes (hint: same shirts).

Man runs by motel while another holds twin pistols inside truck lying down

Trouble at Ocotillo?

Nacho holding twin pistols lying down inside a truck

Nacho’s twin pistols

(1:33) Kim sitting on a barstool inside a diner, but no sign of who’s with her.

Kim sitting in a diner next to a coffee mug

Who ordered the coffee?

(1:34) Someone shoots a handgun in the air, but who?

Man shoots handgun in the air

Guns blazing…

(1:34) Jimmy looks over to his right and turns with the Statue of Liberty model in the background.

Jimmy by Liberty statue

Who’s coming for Jimmy?

(1:34) Cut back to the truck, which we now see is brown. The side-view mirror on the right breaks, which looks to be shot. Now there’s busted glass on the dashboard.

Truck sideview mirror shot out

Who shot the mirror?

(1:35) Seven security monitors show different outdoor areas of a home are being watched from a desk with several walkies

Man watches security camera monitors

Are we secure?

(1:35) A girl holds another with her hand over her mouth while they stand up against a door; obviously distressed by the dark figure approaching them.

Girls hold each other while attacker approaches

Don’t scream…

(1:36) A stash of Benjamins is handed over inside a vehicle.

Man passing large fold of cash inside car

Will this cover it?

(1:36) A man holding his nose can be seen going underwater.

Hint: He’s wearing the same leather wristband as the man in the truck, so it’s probably Nacho.

Man holding his nose to duck under water

Best place to hide?

(1:37) A thick liquid, most likely oil or maybe coffee, goes down a sink drain.

Liquid going down sink

Is that liquid gold? Or just coffee?

What Happens Next…

Mike: “Whatever happens next, it’s not gonna go down the way you think it is.”

In the finale of the trailer, we see a few cliffhangers that keep us guessing.

(1:38) Mike is getting back into the side of the white van while holding a large bag on his right side.

Whatever happens next

Mike gets inside the side of van with Gus sitting in passenger seat

Get in Mike…what’s in the bag?

(1:42) Jimmy and Kim are looking down a long strip mall walkway. They start to walk down it as Kim looks back over her right shoulder.

Jimmy and Kim looking down strip mall sidewalk

What’s down there?

Jimmy and Kim walk down strip mall sidewalk

Are we being followed?

(1:46) Lalo stands watching as we see another unknown man (speculated to be the real Jorge De Guzman) peak up from shaving.

Jorge De Guzman?

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