If reality television is one of your guilty pleasures, you’ve undoubtedly already heard about “Floribama Shore.” A successor to “Jersey Shore,” one of the OGs of reality TV, “Floribama Shore” follows the lives of young adults spending the summer in Panama City Beach, Florida – a party hub of the Gulf Coast.

Since its debut in 2017, the show has proven wildly popular, continuing for four seasons and hopefully gearing up for a fifth. Read on to learn more.

What Is “Floribama Shore” About?

MTV’s “Floribama Shore” follows the lives of young adults as they spend the summer in the party-heavy Florida Panhandle. Cast members tend to be young, good-looking, and wild — proving to be quite the combination of entertaining traits for reality TV.

The picturesque setting is another plus for this series. The first two seasons of the show were filmed in Panama City Beach, while the third took place in St. Pete Beach. The fourth season was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing filming to move to two new locations: Arizona’s Lake Havasu City and Missoula, Montana.

Scandal struck the fourth season when filming had to be halted briefly due to positive COVID-19 tests among the production team. The castmates of the house were sent home early as a result. Interested in the details of the drama? We’ve got you covered.

Where Can You Watch “Floribama Shore?”

Ready to dive into the action of “Floribama Shore” with its parties, scandals, makeups, and breakups? Then you’re probably wondering where to catch the episodes. Rest assured, you have many possibilities when it comes to viewing this reality TV show. 

Here’s a quick roundup of your various viewing options:

  • MTV: “Floribama Shore” is originally (and remains) an MTV production, so if you have cable TV with the MTV channel, you can catch it there. MTV also offers streaming services.
  • Paramount Plus: MTV has partnered with Paramount Plus to provide streaming services of its shows, including “Floribama Shore.”
  • fuboTV: fuboTV got its start as a dedicated sports streaming channel. However, you can now catch all kinds of programs on the platform, including traditional cable shows from MTV.
  • Amazon Prime: Are you already a Prime video member? If you have the Paramount add-on, you can easily watch all the previous seasons of “Floribama Shore.”
  • Google Play: Google Play is another popular streaming provider where you can catch some of your favorite reality TV shows, including “Floribama Shore.”
  • Apple TV: If you already have Apple TV, you’re in luck! “Floribama Shore” is available on the platform, so you can get your reality television fix.

About the Cast of “Floribama Shore”

The cast of “Floribama Shore” is always complemented by visitors, like family and friends, who stop by the house – often ramping up the tension. However, the core cast consists of some familiar faces that viewers get to know intimately throughout each season. 

These are the people you can see if you watch season four of the show:

Jeremiah Buoni:

Jeremiah is a tough-looking bodybuilder who’s actually known for being quite the softie. He’s close to his castmates and his family. Although he’s sensitive, he still gets involved in the drama.

Codi Butts:

Codi is the guy who everybody can’t help but like. Charming and lovable, he’s considered everybody’s best friend. However, his “friend” status often backfires when he’s crushing on his fellow castmates, who usually don’t see him in a romantic light.

Aimee Hall:

Aimee is a former bartender who’s drink-slinging days are behind her, as far as she’s concerned. She’s labeled herself a “queen” after buying 20 acres of land in Alabama. She’s also known for having dabbled in OnlyFans.

Nilsa Prowant:

Nilsa is one of the few cast members who is a true Panhandle native. She was born and raised in Panama City Beach. She was known for her hard-partying ways in earlier seasons. However, in season four she was pregnant, so her time on the show looked much tamer.

Candace Rice:

Candace is often known as the big sister of the group and tends to keep a watchful eye over her castmates. She’s also known for running her own business, Yaaganix, an all-natural skincare brand.

Kirk Medas:

Kirk is another cast member who’s known for playing an “older sibling” role in the group. Unfortunately, his good-guy image was marred by an arrest for disorderly conduct in Georgia in May of 2020. Fans were also surprised to learn about an underage drinking arrest in 2010.

Gus Smyrnios:

Gus used to be the “average” guy who always had a girlfriend. However, in season 4, he tested out the waters as a single bachelor. Gus is dedicated to fitness and nutrition. His origin story is unique, as he was invited to join the show via Facebook and didn’t have to apply.

Kortni Gilson:

Kortni Gilson was one of the original cast members of the show. However, she left after some mental health issues and didn’t return for season four of the show. She continues to speak out about mental health topics on social media.

What Happened in the Latest Season of “Floribama Shore?”

Season four started with a bang, as the “Floribama Shore” cast’s plans for a carefree summer at the Florida Panhandle were quickly upended by the COVID-19 pandemic. To change things up, they set off for the snowy mountains of Montana instead. The housemates hadn’t seen each other in nearly 18 months, so the season kicked off with an epic reunion filled with plenty of updates on love lives and more.

Despite the pandemic gloom, the housemates managed to squeeze in plenty of fun, getting reacquainted with their own booze-fueled version of the Olympic Games. The fun times were quickly shaken up when one castmate, Nilsa, announced her pregnancy. The drama continued as cheating allegations from the past were brought up. Luckily, love and harmony were restored with a heartfelt wedding announcement from Codi and Candace.

While the drama was unfolding, the cast enjoyed exploring their new surroundings. Some of the show’s southern castmates experienced their first snow day ever while in Montana. However, even in the pristine mountains, the crew couldn’t escape COVID. Gus had to quarantine at one point, reminding all involved that the pandemic wasn’t over.

Meanwhile, the castmates continued to party, inviting various friends and relatives to visit and join in the fun. Of course, peace never lasts for long with the wild “Floribama Shore” crew. An outburst by Codi left relationships in the house strained. The solution? A location change. Halfway through the season, the roommates headed to Lake Havasu, Arizona, where they were happy to enjoy some warmer weather. 

Drama quickly broke out in Arizona, too, when Gus confessed that he’d hooked up with Aimee’s cousin – a line he’d previously promised not to cross. More exciting changes took place with the arrival of two newcomers, Josh and Lenns. The action was heightened yet again after a high-speed cart race went awry. Luckily, everybody was okay after the dramatic crash.

After a party for Jeremiah’s birthday, the crew took a camping trip that was supposed to be fun and games – but ended in fights and tears. In an attempt to clear the bad vibes, the roommates symbolically buried their differences and burned their regrets. As the season neared to a close, the housemates geared up for yet another epic party, a Mardi Gras-themed shindig in their backyard, coined “Yardi Gras.” 

The eventful season concluded peacefully with a baby shower for Nilsa, which included the castmates and their families, making for a full-on family reunion.

Has “Floribama Shore” Been Canceled?

Now that you know what happens in “Floribama Shore” season four, you’re probably wondering when to expect season five. As of March 2022, it’s not yet clear when the new season will air. There have even been rumors that the show may be canceled altogether. As of yet, there haven’t been any formal announcements about filming new episodes.

When is “Floribama Shore” Season 5 Coming Out?

Although it’s unclear whether “Floribama Shore” will continue, if there is a season five, we’d anticipate it dropping sometime later in 2022. There’s also been speculation that there will be some shakeup in the castmates of this real-world reality show. For example, it’s thought that new mom Nilsa likely won’t return. Eager fans aren’t thrilled about having to wait and see who returns when (and if) season five drops.

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