“Diseñando Tu Amor,” which translates to ‘designing your love,’ is an emotionally charged Mexican telenovela that touches upon themes of love, life, family, relationships, romance, reconciliation, and women empowerment. “Diseñando Tu Amor’s” plot revolves around two sisters with very different personalities who share the same desire — both want to make it big in the world of fashion. 

Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo is the executive producer, Liliana Cuesta Aguirre is the producer, and the series is the brainchild of production company Televisa. During a press presentation, Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo, said “I believe that the universal language is love, and this melodrama talks about human relationships and, above all, about love. You are going to see how people learn to love each other in this telenovela, and how only when you love yourself, you can love others.”

Read on further to know more about your favorite characters, as well as recurring characters, in the emotionally charged telenovela “Diseñando Tu Amor.” 

What happened in “Diseñando Tu Amor?”

The show’s main lead — Valentina—is a charismatic young woman with dreams of making it big in the world of fashion. She is employed in a pasteurizing factory that belongs to Ricardo, her lover. Ricardo wins her trust and makes her believe that he will help her fulfill her dreams. Unbeknownst to her, he steals a large sum of money from his father and puts it in her name. Together Valentina and Ricardo plan to escape, but their plans are soon discovered by Ricardo’s father.

In a tragic plane crash, Valentina and her sister Nora lose their father, and Ricardo is presumed dead. Valentina and Nora visit Mexico City to find their uncle Horacio, and this is when they encounter Claudio who is Horacio’s adoptive son. Sparks fly between Valentina and Claudio, but Nora tries to destroy their relationship so that she can win over Claudio. 

After multiple trials, Valentina manages to secure a job at the fashion house of Yolanda Pratas, a famous designer. Valentina displays great talent but due to her gullibility, she lets her designs be stolen and is eventually fired. 

Claudio uncovers Valentina’s incredible design abilities and introduces her to Helena, who is a successful designer. Valentina gets a job as a seamstress. However, soon Valentina and Helena realize that they are bound by a family mystery, and that unites them for life. 

All of a sudden Ricardo, who was presumed dead, recovers his memory and starts looking out for Valentina. It is revealed that Ricardo comes back with an agenda to fulfill, that concerns Valentina. 

“Diseñando Tu Amor” takes you through an emotional rollercoaster and keeps your eyes glued to the screen till the end. 

Main Characters of “Diseñando Tu Amor”

“Diseñando Tu Amor” has an incredible cast. Protagonists of the show are Gala Montes, Juan Diego Covarrubias, Ana Belena, and Osvaldo de León, whereas the antagonists are Ale Müller, Adrián Di Monte, Chris Pascal, Martha Julia, and Frances Ondiviela. Let’s explore more about the main characters of the show.

Gala Montes:

Gala Montes in Diseñando Tu Amor

Gala, who is a Mexican TV actress, plays the role of Valentina (Vale) Fuentes Barrios in “Diseñando Tu Amor.” Valentina is a woman with an intrinsic entrepreneurial spirit who wishes to pursue her career in fashion. She is portrayed as a charismatic, bold, loyal, and fearless woman who anyone would love to befriend.

Gala Montes is infamous for her role in  “El Señor de los Cielos” (a TV series based on drug trafficking) where she played the character of Luz Marina. Her first role however was in “Mi Familia Perfecta,” and later on, she became a part of the main cast of “La Mexicana y el Güero.”

Juan Diego Covarrubias:

Juan Diego Covarrubias in Diseñando Tu Amor

Juan plays the role of Claudio Barrios, an ally of Valentina who empowers her on her journey as she tries to fulfill her dreams. Claudio is also portrayed as a  lawyer and a good-natured man who helps the members of his community with the legal problems they face.  Juan is the recipient of the TVyNovelas Award for ‘Best Young Lead Actor’ held in 2018. 

Ale Müller:

Ale Müller

Ale plays the role of Nora, who is Valentina’s sister. Unlike Valentina, Nora is the antagonist in this series and is attracted to Leonardo. Even though she is as ambitious as her sister; her ways are often unethical. She is incredibly envious and tries to take away all the good things that happen to Valentina. 

Ana Belena:

Ana Belena

Ana gives life to Helena Vargas who is a successful designer and owns an internationally known atelier. She is a good human who wishes to find love. Helena has a story similar to Valentina’s — she left her home at the age of 16 to work and build her own reputation. Helena is attracted to Héctor, a Taxi driver.

Sergio Goyri:

Sergio Goyri in Diseñando Tu Amor

Sergio gives life to Guillermo Vargas Mota who is Helena and Alfonso’s father. Much later in the show, it is discovered that he is also Valentina‘s father.

Osvaldo de León:

Osvaldo de León

Osvaldo gives plays the role of Héctor Casanova Morales who is a taxi driver in the series and has a 10-year-old daughter.

María Sorté:

Maria Sorte

Maria plays the role of Consuelo Morales. She is a hard-working and honest woman who provides three children (Leonardo, Camila, and Héctor)  with proper education, despite not having the resources herself. She falls in love with Horacio but is hesitant to confess as she fears the judgment of her children. 

Chris Pascal:

Chris Pascal

Chris is portrayed as Ricardo Manrique de Castro. Ricardo is responsible for making Valentina’s life difficult. He plots against Nora and tries to send her to jail. To save Nora, Valentina has to marry Ricardo.

Adrián Di Monte:

Adrián Di Monte

Adrián plays the role of Leonardo Casanova Morales. He is Helena’s right-hand man who handles all of her business at her atelier where he works as a photographer as well as a publicist. He ends up betraying her by conspiring against her with Yolanda.

Martha Julia:

Martha Julia

Martha plays the role of Patricia Manrique de Castro. She is the director of marketing in her father-in-law, Guillermo’s, consortium. She also married Alfonso whom she never loved and was with him for his wealth. 

Marco Muñóz:

Marco plays the role of Armando Manrique de Castro who is Ricardo’s father. 

Jose Elias Moreno:

Jose is portrayed as Horacio Barrios who is Valentina and Nora’s uncle. Secretively, he is a millionaire in the show who hides his valuables in a separate room, that is only known to Claudio. 

Frances Ondiviela:

Frances gives life to Yolanda Pratas who is a high-end fashion designer. She is cool, sarcastic, glamorous, and intelligent but also manipulative, arrogant, and vengeful. 

Mariluz Bermúdez:

Mariluz is portrayed as Rosa María Ponce, the doctor in the series who is taken advantage of by Ricardo.

Isabela Vázquez:

Isabela plays the role of Mina Casanova, an intelligent nine-year-old girl. 

Armando Araiza:

Armando plays the role of Enrique Avilés Ortega.

Ana Lorena Elorduy:

Ana gives life to Camila Casanova Morale, the daughter of Consuelo. She is a popular model at Helena’s fashion company. However, her face gets disfigured in the plane crash, and due to this, she cannot pursue modeling. This tragedy brings about an internal change in her. 

Norma Herrera:

Nroma gives life to Adelaida Vargas Villaponte.

Recurring Characters of “Diseñando Tu Amor”

We get to see an amazing line-up of recurring characters in the Mexican telenovela. Here’s a list: 

  • Natalia Madera: Plays the role of Beba
  • Bibelot Mansur: Plays the role of Samara
  • Emmanuel Torres: Plays the role of Chango
  • Alfonso Escobedo: Plays the role of Bicho
  • Diego Arancivia: Plays the role of Cachas
  • Carlos Meza: Plays the role of Mosquito
  • Sergio Arturo Ruiz: Plays the role of El Perro
  • Moisés Peñaloza: Plays the role of Brochas
  • Carlos Miguel: Plays the role of Regino
  • Manrique Ferrer: Plays the role of Cibernético
  • Thabata González: Plays the role of Lucha
  • Marcos Neta: Plays the role of Arcadio
  • Flora Fernández: Plays the role of Mechita
  • Tabata Campos: Plays the role of Lizia

Where Can You Watch “Diseñando Tu Amor”?

All the 120 episodes of “Diseñando Tu Amor” can be streamed on Univision and Roku. 

How Many Episodes of “Diseñando Tu Amor” Are There?

“Diseñando Tu Amor” premiered on April 26, 2021 on Las Estrellas and Univision. It is based on the Portuguese telenovela “Meu Amor” (My Love) by António Barreira which premiered on October 19, 2009. “Meu Amor” won the International Emmy award in 2010 for the best telenovela. As of now, there are a total of 120 episodes in “Diseñando Tu Amor.” 

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