“David Makes Man” is a drama television series that takes an intriguing look into race, brotherhood, and identity issues. This coming-of-age drama first appeared on screens on August 14, 2019, on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). The storyline is about David, a teenage prodigy whose life revolves around two different worlds.

South Florida is the setting for this lyrical story created by Tarell Alvin McCraney (co-writer of “Moonlight”). The executive producers of the Peabody Award-winning show include Oprah Winfrey, Mike Kelley, Michael B. Jordan, Dee Harris-Lawrence (showrunner), and Melissa Loy. Warner Bros. produced it.

This television series got a warm reception from viewers for season 1, with an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s currently in the second season comprising 10 episodes that premiered June 22, 2021, and ended August 24, 2021.

This quintessential guide covers the show’s synopsis, season two cast, whether season three will come out, what happened in season two, and where to watch the drama series. Plus, learn why BuddyTV is the best way to keep up with the latest entertainment news.

What’s “David Makes Man” About?

“David Makes Man” chronicles the life of young David, a student at a magnet school who lives in the projects. As an academically gifted individual, the teenager has high hopes for a bright future despite his poverty-stricken background. In the story, he’s trying to balance his life in two different worlds, and there’s an emotional cost.

On one side, David has to find his feet in the streets that raised him. On the other side, he sees a quality education from a top school as a ticket out of poverty. The 14-year-old needs to adjust his personality to each of these worlds. To some extent, he struggles to find the balance at the pace he needs.

To David’s teacher, Dr. Woods-Trap (Phylicia Rashad), and his mother, Gloria (Alana Arenas), he’s just a smart, unassuming boy. On the other hand, he’s one of a few black students at his school. Other kids around him at school see him as a class cut-up who likes to take a joke too far. His schoolmates include Seren (Nathaniel Logan McIntyre).

To people from his neighborhood, he’s Dai, a quiet and somewhat quirky young man — and a local drug crew thinks he’s a promising kid. For David, neither of his two worlds is comfortable, but he understands how to act in each.

In this poignant drama series, you can expect to see bits of magic realism and a talented cast that includes Nick Creegan as Desmond, Travis Coles as Elijah, and Nolasco as Tio Teo. Its creator tells the story in a raw fashion. For instance, David once imagined himself switching codes as he tried to explain his thoughts.

About the Cast of “David Makes Man” Season 2

In the first season, the show’s cast consists mainly of teenagers, including David and his schoolmates. But in the second season, you’ll see the adult versions of the cast. For instance, Akili McDowell, who played the younger David in season one, made way for Kwame Patterson (the adult David). There’s no doubt that Patterson portrayed the adult David superbly with the stutter and intriguing smile. You can see the same changes with adults JG, Seren, and Marissa.

These are some of the second season’s cast members and a closer look at the stars.

Kwame Patterson as adult David

Kwame Patterson in David Makes Man

Replaced Akili McDowell, who featured in season one as the teen David. Patterson helped take the drama series to a new level, thanks to his superb acting skills. In the series, David is the eldest son of Gloria and JG’s older brother. The actor previously appeared on “The Wire” as Monk Metcalf and “The Oath” as Neckbone.

Arlen Escarpeta as adult JG

Arlen Escarpeta in David Makes Man

This Belize-born actor has featured in several films like “Final Destination 5,” “The Oath on Crackle,” and ” Friday the 13th.” His appearance in “David Makes Man” allows fans to see him differently. He enjoys working closely with his real-life best friend Kwame Patterson in the show. His acting career began in 2000 when he appeared in Greg Morgan’s “The Playaz Court.” Over the years, he earned roles in several television shows like “Judging Amy” and “Boston Public.” Between 2000 and 2021, the star appeared in more than 40 movies and television shows.

Erica Shukrani Luttrell as adult Marissa

Erica Luttrell in David Makes Man

Born March 20, 1982, Erica is a Canadian actress who appeared in several television commercials at age two. By the age of nine, she got her first starring role in a TV series. Her most notable acting gigs include the voice of Keesha Franklin in “The Magic School Bus” and Kara Cupper in “Shining Time Station.” In “David Makes Man,” she portrays adult Marissa, a marine biologist, and activist who works tirelessly to prevent corporate greed from affecting the ecological balance of South Florida.

Aba Arthur as adult Tare

Aba Arthur in David Makes Man

This Ghanaian-American actress has a degree in performing arts and another in political science. She has participated in several theater plays, including “Landing in Love” and “For Colored Girl.” Aba also played a role in making the film “8.” In “David Makes Man,” the actress plays Tare, David’s neighborhood sweetheart.

Zsané Jhé as an adult Shella

Zsané Jhé in David Makes Man

She’s an American writer, actress, and poet with a degree in civil engineering. Although she focused on poetry and writing during her college years, Zsané quickly turned her attention to acting soon after graduation. As a result, she became involved in various film and television productions, including “The Underground Railroad,” “Black Lightning,” and “Rebel Ridge.” Her role in “David Makes Man” allowed her to portray the adult Shella, an exceptional entrepreneur. The character helps the residents of The Ville protest against the gentrification of local neighborhoods by a real estate redevelopment firm.

Tony Plana as Joe Padilla

Tony Plana in David Makes Man

Born April 19, 1952, José Antonio Plana is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University. The Cuban-American cast member has been active as an actor and film director since 1974. Tony appeared in the television series “Ugly Betty” as Ignacio Suarez and Father Consolmango in “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.” Between 1978 and 2020, the veteran actor and producer worked on more than 90 movies and TV shows. In “David Makes Man” season two, he plays an ambitious Miami-born developer named Joe Padilla.

Brittany S. Hall as Nicole

Brittany Hall in David Makes Man

This actress began her acting career when she landed a role on VH1’s “Real Chance of Love.” The stint endeared her to fans, earning her the nickname “hot wings.” Along the way, she found her feet in comedy and regularly performed in comedy clubs around New York City. Her acting credits include films and TV shows like “Cat Run 2,” “Drumline 2” and “Ravenswood.” She plays Nicole in “David Makes Man.” The character is a sophisticated architect and David’s girlfriend.

Bobbi Baker as Robin

Bobbi Baker in David Makes Man

Born July 8, 1981, Bobbi is an actress who has played roles in several films and television series like “House of Payne” as Kiki and “Madea Goes to Jail.” She got involved in the Hartford Stage Company’s stage performances, such as the adaptation of the novel “The Bluest Eye” as a barbershop owner, Claudia. Her stellar performance in the show attracted rave reviews from the New York Times. Later, Bobbi landed a role in OWN’s hit drama series “David Makes Man.” In the show, she portrays Robin, who runs a foster home called Robin’s Nest alongside David’s mother, Gloria.

Patrice Arenas as Denise

This actress has participated in main and recurring roles in many film and television productions. Examples of these acting gigs include “Exit” (1996) and “Ludi” (2021). The star is also a teacher of acting techniques at the New York Film Academy (NYFA). She grew up in an environment full of theater; her mother is an art director at a local school. Early exposure to the performing arts inspired Arenas to follow in her mother’s footsteps. The acting techniques she picked up from her mother as a child proved useful later on. In “David Makes Man,” she portrays Denise, an office assistant at David’s workplace. Denise understands David’s moods and tempo, allowing her to keep the office running smoothly.

What Happened in Season 2 of “David Makes Man?”

In season two, David is building a career after graduating from Hurston and other schools. He demonstrates a passion for the construction industry. Although David’s career is going well, he struggles with finding balance in his personal life. This season, which has 10 episodes, chronicles David’s life after a 15+ year jump from the season one storyline.

The character is grappling with broken family relationships. In the meantime, He’s dating Nicole, but the couple frequently fights over his lack of openness. David’s Sky taught him virtues the adult David can’t seem to muster.

In episode eight, David undergoes therapy to sort out his social and emotional challenges. He sits down with Dr. Halloway, who does a fantastic job examining David’s personal issues.

On the other hand, season two introduces new characters and develops existing ones to make their personalities intriguing. Characters like Trish and JG’s wife are undoubtedly a joy to watch as they say and do things that keep you glued to your screen, but it’s more about David this season. His younger brother JG (Cayden K. Williams) is now a Miami police officer.

In episode seven, titled “Son of Man,” David encounters Shinobi (Jordan Bolger) during the Halloween fireworks show in The Ville. While Shinobi confronts David about his presence, Sky defends him, saying he has every right to show up. The gesture meant that it was a flashback. Later, David and Raynan (Ade Chike Torbert) get together to discuss how to sell their next batch of drugs.

When is “David Makes Man” Season 3 Coming Out?

If you’ve been following “David Makes Man” keenly in the past two seasons, you’re probably wondering whether OWN will renew the series for a third season. In that case, you’ll be happy to know that the network confirmed that the show would return for season three, and filming the 10 episodes is already complete. The new season will hit the screens starting on August 23, 2022, and ending on October 25, 2022.

Where Can You Watch “David Makes Man?”

There are several platforms where you can watch seasons one and two. Here are the platforms to stream the show.

  • OWN
  • HBO Max
  • Vudu
  • Amazon Instant Video
  • Apple TV

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