Following the huge success of the Japanese-originated “Pokémon” series in the ’90s, we began to see various studios creating shows around creatures with special abilities. We saw “Monster Rancher,” “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends,” “Lilo & Stitch,” and now “Abby Hatcher.”

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The show “Abby Hatcher” is a Canadian computer-animated series about the eponymous character and her best friends — the Fuzzlies, some furry, zany creatures with unique special abilities — who live with Abby at her family’s hotel. The Fuzzlies often get themselves into trouble leaving Abby Hatcher and her favorite Fuzzly-friend, Bozzly, to fix their messes.

The TV show premiered in the United States on Nickelodeon on January 1, 2019. It premiered on TVOKids in Canada on February 11, 2019, and Channel 5’s Milkshake! block in the United Kingdom on Mar. 2, 2020.

“Abby Hatcher” is created by Rob Hoegee and produced by Guru Studio and Spin Master Entertainment, the producers of the popular “PAW Patrol” series.

One major thing that sets the series apart is the characters portrayed in it. This article discusses some of these key characters and how they make the show distinct.

Who Are the Main Characters of “Abby Hatcher?”

Below is a list of the characters in “Abby Hatcher” and the actors who played them. Interestingly, “Abby Hatcher” uniquely features an all-Canadian cast.

Bozzly and Abby Hatcher

Bozzly and Abby Hatcher

Abby Hatcher:

The main character, Abby Hatcher is a seven-year-old girl of mixed Canadian and Chinese descent who is gifted with detective skills. Abby and her parents moved into a hotel in season one, episode 1A, “When Abby Met Bozzly.”

The hotel introduces to us every other character we get to meet in the series — from the Fuzzlies to the animals and human characters. Abby Hatcher models the power of a kindhearted little girl who brings together an entire community as a result of her large heart and hospitality toward everyone — even when they are different from her.

The character was voiced by child artist Macy Drouin. Drouin made her first TV appearance in 2021 when she appeared in the television series “Infested.” We also saw her in the 2013 drama series, “Reign” where she portrayed Agatha Blackburn. 


Bozzly is a Fuzzly, but more than a Fuzzly, the aquamarine rabbit-like creature is Abby’s BFF and sidekick who has many superpowers. He can become invisible and fly spinning his ears. Also, he has very sensitive ears that help him track down Fuzzlies, as well as a front pocket that can hide various objects — regardless of the size.

Canadian actor Wyatt White voiced the character. White is renowned for featuring in “Total DramaRama” (2018) and “Elinor Wonders Why” (2020).


Fuzzlies on Abby Hatcher

Fuzzlies on Abby Hatcher

Princess Flug:

This pink slug-like Fuzzly is called Princess Flug because she dresses like a princess. Flug loves everything that is or appears beautiful. Her superpowers lie in her ability to shoot Glitter Goo which gets people or objects stuck to a place. She also can create bubbles — but she loses control of this power when she is angry.

The character is voiced by Canadian actress and singer Michela Luci. The multiple award-nominee and Daytime Emmy Award winner made her first on-screen appearance on YTV’s “Cook’d” as a judge when she was seven years old. Luci has featured in other series and has voiced a couple of lead roles like “True and the Rainbow Kingdom” and “PJ Masks.”

Teeny Terry:

Tiny Fuzzly, Teeny Terry, is half cat and half bird who is interested in getting things fixed. His superpower is his ability to fly. When upset or frustrated, Teeny Terry inflates like a balloon and only gets deflated when he is tickled somewhere around his right leg — known as his tickle spot.

The character is voiced by Jacob Soley, known for “The Snoopy Show,” “The Communist’s Daughter” and “Who are You, Charlie Brown?.”


Christian Dan Dosso voiced the red raspberry-like Fuzzly, Otis — AKA elevator operator Otis. The red-bodied, purple-eyed, and green face creature is perhaps the bravest of the Fuzzlies. His job is to meet new hotel guests. Otis has three stretchy tentacles that can expand to several feet away. Christian Dal Dosso is renowned for his appearance in “Snoopy in Space (2019),” and “Short Term sentence.”


Curly works in the kitchen alongside Chef Jeff. She is the eponymous character in these three episodes — “Chef Curly,” “Curly and the Sock Doll” and “Super Strength Curly.” Curly’s appearance combines a variety of colors — orange, magenta, white, blue, and pink. Her superpower lies in her ability to climb heights using her springy tail.

The character was voiced by Sophie Cullingan, best known for her role as Curly in the series. 

Mo and Bo:

Mo and Bo are rhyming twin cat-like Fuzzlies. Their superpowers lie in their extendable torsos which glow like nightlights and can reach things within some distance. They can also grow multiple pairs of legs. Mo is female, while Bo is male.

Mo is voiced by Laaibah Alvi while Leo Orgil voices Bo. 

Harriet Bouffant:

Bouffant is a very tiny Fuzzly with a big personality and bigger hair whom we first meet in season one, episode 1B, “Hair Flair Everywhere.” Harriet’s hair can grow longer on command and form wigs for her friends to wear.

The character is voiced by Hattie Kragten,  known for “Incorporated” (2016), “Backstabbing for Beginners” (2018), and “Christmas at Grand Valley” (2018).


Voiced by Kaden Stephen, renowned for “Black Mirror” and “PJ Masks.” Grumbles is a big purple-haired lamb-like Fuzzly. He has the power to teleport, as well as metamorph into anything. Whenever he transforms into something else, he needs to focus to maintain that form. He reverts to his normal form as soon as he is surprised.

The Blossom Band:

These are a quartet of plant-like Fuzzlies — AKA Flower-Fuzzlies — who love music and play a variety of instruments.

Their names are:

  • Daisy, voiced by Jackson Reid,
  • Tulip, voiced by Gracen Daly,
  • Rose, voiced by Molly Lewis,
  • and Sweet Pea, voiced by Beatrice Schneider.

Daisy is male while Tulip, Sweet Pea, and Rose are female. 

The Squeaky Peepers:

These are an octet of little rabbit-like Fuzzlies who often sing out of nowhere. They are all voiced by Kate Miller. 


Mumbles is Grumble’s baby cousin that often clones himself whenever he is babysat incorrectly. The character is voiced by Ian Ho.


Orange slug-like Fuzzly, Flugtilda, is Princess Flug’s cousin. Her trademark look is a baseball cap and glasses. Other than these, she is not represented by any symbol, nor does she possess any superpowers. 


Alex and Miranda Hatcher

Alex and Miranda Hatcher

Miranda Hatcher:

Voiced by Josette Jorge, Miranda Hatcher is Abby’s Chinese mother. She works as a hotel gardener.

Lex Hatcher:

This is Abby’s Canadian father voiced by actor and writer, Terry McGurrin. Lex runs the hotel front desk and fixes things when they break down. 

Melvin Jr.:

Melvin is the four-year-old son of Mrs. Melvin and a friend of Abby who also lives in the hotel. He owns a cat named Elvin. The character was voiced by Christian Campbell.

Melvin Jr's Parents

Mrs. and Mr. Melvin

Mrs. Melvin:

Melvin’s mom worked in the hotel’s salon as a hairstylist — voiced by Canadian-based actress, Kim Roberts.

Mr. Melvin:

Melvin’s dad is voiced by Devin Christian Mack. He and Melvin had the same name.

Chef Jeff:

Chef Jeff is the diminutive hotel chef voiced by Paul Sun-Hyung Lee.

Judge Thorn:

Judge Thorn was voiced by the award-winning British-born Canadian actress Catherine Disher. The character is a highly misanthropic local judge of contests and events.

Wai Po:

Wai Po is Abby’s old but athletic grandmother from China. She is a Fuzzly catcher. The character was voiced by Jane Luk. 


Abby Hatcher Pets


Elvin is Melvin’s female pet cat which he gets in season one, episode 7A “Afraid of  Cats.” The character was voiced by Shayle Simons.


Chef Jeff and Portia on Abby Hatcher

Chef Jeff and Portia

Portia is an orange-colored fish we saw Chef Jeff become friends with in season one, episode 25A, “Fuzzlies New Year Dragon.” 


Sparkles is Princess Flug’s favorite slug.

Where Can You Watch “Abby Hatcher?”

“Abby Hatcher” is not streaming — season two ended in April and will be the final season as the show was not renewed for another season. You can catch all the episodes of the series if you’re subscribed to FuboTV, Netflix, or Paramount Plus. You can also watch it when you rent or purchase it on Amazon Instant Video, Google Play Store, Vudu, or Apple TV.

What Ages is “Abby Hatcher” Suitable For?

The anime educational show is rated G in Singapore and TV-Y in the United States. Technically, both of these terms mean the same thing — that the show is appropriate for children of all ages. 

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