If you find yourself feeling nostalgic about the bygone era of television, the comedy series “In The Cut” is unmissable. It’s a feel-good sitcom that ends up hurting your cheeks with all the smiling. 

“In The Cut” centers around a barbershop owner, Jay “The Dream” Weaver (played by Dorien Wilson), who accidentally fathered a child around 30 years ago in a brief fling. When the son, Kenny (played by Ken Lawson) grows up, he seeks his father. We see a beautifully budding relationship of the father-son duo and how they learn to navigate life and work together.

The cast also includes Dorion Renaud, John Marshall Jones, Laura Hayes, Chastity Dotson, and Kalita Smith playing great characters that never fail to tickle your funny bones. Created by Bentley Kyle Evans (in addition to “Family Man,” and “Martin”), “In The Cut” has 72 episodes spanning across seven seasons. Season seven of “In the Cut” premiered on Bounce TV on August 26th, 2020. We get to see some new faces in “In the Cut’s” new season — like Mark Curry and Kim Coles. 

Read on to learn about burning questions related to the show “In The Cut” and its latest season.

What’s “In the Cut” About?

“In the Cut,” first debuted in August 2015, and became the most-watched original series premiere in the history of Bounce TV and was trending for quite some time.

Jay “The Dream” Weaver manages his wisecracking employees and dodges his feisty ex-wife, Nadia, who runs the beauty salon next door. When Kenny, his unknown biological son from a fling 30 years ago, suddenly surfaces, Jay’s and Kenny’s lives undergo a hilarious set of twists and turns. 

Finally, Kenny partners with Jay to run his barbershop, and he moves in with him. Nadine Weaver elopes with a wealthy gentleman and leaves her beauty salon for Jay to handle. Jay marries Cheryl, a savvy business-minded woman, and lets her take over the salon. Jay’s best friends are Smitty and Chef Mable (who also end up getting in a fight to be the best man during Jay’s wedding), whereas Percy is Cheryl’s sidekick, who helps her run the beauty salon. 

Events in this comedy series “In The Cut” revolve around the hilarious antics of the lead characters and will give you a hearty laugh every now and then.

“In The Cut” is created by Bentley Kyle Evans, an American television writer, actor, producer, and director. Back in 2015, in a chat with EURweb, Bentley talked about the inspiration behind the show and how the series will offer something new to viewers. “I don’t think that my message, when I’m putting together shows, is to necessarily teach people things,” Bentley said. “I think it’s more so for the entertainment purpose, but also tell stories about our culture in the time and space that we’re presently in. Our shows are going to capsulize. This is an era, and we’re trying to capture the era and be as authentic as possible.”

What Happened in Season 7 of “In The Cut?”

Season seven of “In The Cut” has 13 new episodes, and the cast is joined by television veterans like Mark Curry (playing Cheryl’s ex-con brother), and Kim Coles (new owner of Mable’s Tables). As in previous seasons, we see a similar entertaining format in this season, chronicling the journey of the hilarious characters as they handle a new set of obstacles in their path.

Season seven starts with Jay welcoming a new barber to the team as he looks for new management for Mable’s Tables. Meanwhile, son Kenny gets spooked when he discovers his girlfriend Angelique’s antique doll collection. 

Jay and Cheryl try to tackle the highs and lows of marriage at home as Jay learns that his ex-convict brother-in-law is moving in. An old friend of Jay’s resurfaces, and we see a worrisome Percy who struggles to reveal a secret to his parents. Kenny’s favorite aunt visits him with her new boyfriend, and we learn that Kenny and Angelique are expecting a baby. 

Since Jay aspires to be the best grandfather, he takes the parenting classes along with Kenny and Angelique. Kenny joins an outreach program, and Jay finds out about his long-lost brother. Cheryl commences her in-home salon, and Trish is desperate for a chef at Mables’ tables. There’s a game night, a gender reveal party, and we finally get to see Kenny and Angelique plan their wedding — but things get out of hand quickly. As all the changes take place in their lives, the laughter spree never ends. 

About the Main Cast Members of “In The Cut”

Dorien Wilson

Dorien Wilson

We see this comedic actor playing the role of Jay Weaver, the owner of the barbershop Jay’s Chop Shop, and Kenny’s father in “In The Cut.” He is famous for his roles in super-hit series such as “Dream On” (1990)”, “Sister Sister” (1994), “The Steve Harvey Show” (1997), and “Friends” (1995). However, he is best known for his award-winning performance as Professor Oglevee on “The Parkers,” released in 1999. 

Ken Lawson

Ken Lawson

Playing the role of Kenny Clark, Jay’s illegitimate son, Ken’s character takes us through a rollercoaster of emotions. An actor and rapper by profession, he is best known for his performance as Thaddeus Radcliffe on the hit comedy “The Parkers” (1999)

Kellita Smith

Kellita Smith

Introduced in season two, Kellita plays the role of Cheryl, who is Jay’s wife and the new owner of the beauty salon, Cheryl’s. Smith is popular for her role as Wanda McCullough in the sitcom “The Bernie Mac Show” (2001)

John Marshall Jones

John Marshall Jones

John plays the role of Clevon “Smitty” Smith from season one to season six. He is Jay’s best friend and fellow barber.  

Dorion Renaud

Dorion Renaud

He plays the role of Percy, who’s a hairstylist and Cheryl’s best friend across all seasons. 

Jackée Harry

Jackée Harry

We see her in season one as Nadine Weaver, Jay’s feisty ex-wife, and the former owner of Nadine’s Shop

Laura Hayes

Laura Hayes

Present from season two to season six, we can see Laura Hayes playing the role of Mable, owner of the restaurant Mable’s Tables.

Mark Curry

Introduced in season seven, Mark plays the role of Wade, Cheryl’s ex-con brother

Mark Curry and Kim Coles "In the Cut" poster

Mark Curry and Kim Coles – “In the Cut” poster

Kim Coles

We see her playing the role of Trish Devoe, the new owner of Mable’s Tables in season seven.

Chastity Dotson

Chastity Dotson

We see her playing Angelique, Kenny’s girlfriend, who brings in the right amount of spice and drama in Kenny’s life.

Is John Marshall Jones Still On “In The Cut?”

John Marshall Jones, who plays the role of Clevon ‘Smitty’ Smith is unfortunately not in the seventh season of the comedy series “In The Cut.” However, you can catch him in the first six seasons on BounceTV

Will There Be a Season 8 of “In The Cut?”

If you’re wondering whether BounceTV will renew or cancel this, you need to keep your fingers crossed. The network hasn’t announced anything yet about any latest releases. Stay tuned to BuddyTV for regular updates on the show.

Where Can You Watch “In The Cut?”

“In the Cut,” the sitcom TV series that stars Dorien Wilson, Jackée Harry, and Ken Lawson, is available to stream at your favorite places like BounceTV, Amazon Prime Video, or the streaming service Brown Sugar on your Roku device. As of now, “In The Cut” is not available on Netflix or Hulu. 

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