The marketing team behind LOST has taken a new approach to promoting the show with their latest trailers.  Instead of the grim, high adrenaline approach they’ve come to be known for, they are trying for laughs.  This makes sense since the new LOST, ‘Tricia Tanaka is Dead’, is a Hurley episode and his episodes are traditionally more light hearted, but seriously… the Lostcars?  Read on for the preview and more discussion on this weeks LOST.

So, about now your either laughing, crying, or slightly bemused.   Either way, it is nice to see ABC marketing having a little fun with LOST promos, rather than promising a specific number of answers, or any answers at all for that matter.

If you’ve been keeping score lately, ABC’s marketing has been closely reflecting the demands of the viewers, which, hit or miss, shows that ABC is on the right track.  It’s been little less than a week since fans decried the promos for “Stranger in a Strange Land” that promised the answer to three of LOST‘s biggest mysteries.  In fact the episode delivered answers to three of LOST‘s least significant mysteries, which resulted in a lot of disappointment for LOST fans that bought into the promises.

Over at NBC, fans have been livid over the bait and switch tactics Heroes’ marketing staff have been resorting to, making promises of a specific variety and never following through.   Heroes fan boards are overflowing every Monday night with complaints of how far off the ad copy was from the final episode.  For a while there, it looked as though LOST might be borrowing into that formula.

Despite the mildly misleading hype, LOST did manage to build over its disastrous ratings decline the week before,  it should be interesting to see if the promise of a good time with old fun-time Hurley will bring even more fans back to ABC.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer


Senior Writer, BuddyTV