Another week, another LOST, another basket full of colorful, super-secret Easter Eggs! BuddyTV is on the case with all the goods you may not have seen in LOST last night!  Was that REALLY what Jack’s Tattoos mean?  What was that strange symbol on Juliet’s back?  Was that Michael and Walt’s boat?  What is so special about Jack’s kite? 

LOST easter egg hunting is part of the fun of ABC’s hit show, but we know you have a life, so we do the hunting for you every week!  This week’s episode of LOST, ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’, didn’t have as many of the self referential Easter Eggs as the previous LOST, ‘Flashes Before Your Eyes’, but it was loaded with the sort of fun little visual mysteries and quick glances of objects detail obsessed LOST fans love. Now, let the Easter Egg Hunt Begin!

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