Four American Idol contestants were eliminated from the show last night by the votes of America, paring the field down from 24 to 20.  We at BuddyTV were fortunate enough to be allowed to listen in to a live telephone conference with each of the eliminated contestants.  Theose contestants were Paul Kim, Amy Krebs, Nicole Tranquillo, and Rudy Cardenas.  Here is a recap of what transpired:

Paul Kim:

On Tuesday, a raspy Paul Kim did not have his best performance.  He admits as much.  To what does he owe this failure?  In a press conference this afternoon Paul noted that he couldn’t blame his performance entirely on bronchitis – he also didn’t get his top choice of song.  Having submitted his favorites, he was unable to get his top five picks and was thus forced to go with a song that was not as desirable for him.  Despite this set back he’d love to have an album and an acting career in the future.

Amy Krebs:

Amy Krebs stuck with a ballad, which backfired.   It wasn’t her first choice either and someone else had picked the song she wanted to do but she won’t reveal who… Bonnie Rait was her second choice and she thought her nerves got the best of her on stage even though she tried her best: “It’s as much to do with song choice as it is being personable”.  Raised in Germany, the “germanglish” language that she is able to speak would not be her first choice for singing.  It’s just “not sexy”.   She’s got big plans for the next five years: two albums, writing songs, owning a clothing boutique and marriage!

Nicole Tranquillo:

Nicole Tranquillo has no regrets about her time on Idol and thinks her song choice was a good one.  However, her second choice was “Barracuda”, and she admits that that song may have treated her a little better in terms of voting.  Mostly, however, Nicole is proud of her time on the show and has absolutely no regrets.  If no other offers pop up in the near future, Nicole will be going back to school in the fall.

Rudy Cardenas:

Rudy Cardenas really liked his song choice of “Free Ride”.  He chose it because it was upbeat song, something that he thought would kick off the show with a bang.  He also was very familiar with the song, having sung it a number of times.  He sings in an alternative/vocal jazz band called Impact.  He made really good friends with Blake Lewis and Chris Sligh while on American Idol, and really enjoyed just hanging out with everyone.

We’ll be back next week with another recap of the weekly press conference for the eliminated contestants.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV