Tyra Banks, talk show host, former supermodel, and creator of America’s Next Top Model, says that while she’s looking for love, she wants to find her soulmate, not just any man. And she won’t stop looking until she finds him.

“I want someone to be there because I want him there, not because I need him there. I never wanted to depend on someone.”

Apparently she’s had some disappointments in the past. Tyra, 33, says during the last cycle of America’s Next Top Model she was going through some tough romantic times.

“When we were filming the last season of Top Model, I was going through some man drama. Heartbreak is serious pain! But once you get through it, you look back at the person you were crying over and realise they were never meant to be the one.”

In the past, Tyra’s been romantically linked to movie director John Singleton, as well as singer Seal. Gossip sources this month briefly suggested that she might be secretly dating (or, the more daring outlets said, engaged to) Tyler Perry…but it turned out that Perry is actually involved with Tyra’s best friend Tasha Smith, star of Perry’s new film Daddy’s Little Girls.

Don’t forget to catch the two-hour cycle 8 premiere of America’s Next Top Model, “The Girl Who Won’t Stop Talking” next Wednesday, February 28. Cycle 8’s international destination is Sydney, Australia.

And speaking of Australia, the spinoff “Australia’s Next Top Model” begins airing in the US on VH1.

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