Next week’s Glee is a pretty big deal. We’ve got Neil Patrick Harris on board. We’ve got Joss Whedon directing. And judging from the promos we’ve seen so far, it seems we’ll finally know whether Jesse really feels something for Rachel or if he’s really just sabotaging New Directions.

I just got my hand on that episode earlier today. Yes, I’ve seen it. And yes, I can tell you which songs are featured in next week’s episode, called “Dream On.” Sure, most of the songs have already been revealed, but who’s singing what? Read on. I’ll be sneaking in a couple of details in between, too.

SPOILER ALERT: There are some possible spoilers coming after this, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read past this paragraph!

“Piano Man” by Billy Joel
The first story, of course, involves Bryan Ryan (Neil Patrick Harris) threatening to cut glee club because it wasn’t as successful as he had hoped. But you know how nice Will is. They end up singing along to Billy Joel!

“Dream On” by Aerosmith
Will and Bryan also sing this, but you already know that. If you haven’t read the articles, you probably saw this on the spoilers.

“The Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats
The episode also brings the spotlight back to Artie and Tina, probably the only Glee power couple that isn’t having issues. Artie sings this one. Go figure.

“I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miserables
Remember the promos, when Jesse gives Rachel a tape, purportedly from her biological mom? Shelby sings on that tape. The floor is open to your theories.

“Dream A Little Dream Of Me” by the Mamas and the Papas
It’s another song from Artie. It’s the second of my favorite moments from this episode. You know how much I love poignant stuff. At least this one doesn’t look shoehorned in…

“Dream On” airs this Tuesday at 9pm on FOX. Also, the third Glee CD will hit stores on the same day, so mark those calendars!

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