One of the most shocking parts of the amazing Supernatural season finale came at the end when Chuck, the prophet and author of the Supernatural series of books, finished the Winchesters’ story and vanished into thin air.  The sudden confusing act left fans with one big question: is Chuck God?

Supernatural: Is Chuck Shurley God?

The obvious answer would be yes.  Supernatural, according to Castiel, was meant to be the Winchester Gospel, a new New Testament, and since the Bible is the book of God, it’s logical that God would be the one writing it.  Chuck being God also explains him being dressed in white and magically disappearing at the very end.

As the prophet, Chuck did exactly what God would do: he stayed out of the action as much as he could but nudged Sam and Dean in the right direction when they needed a little help.  And Gabriel already proved that angels and most likely other Heavenly creatures could assume alternative identities on Earth.

Chuck being God would also make his first appearance in season 4’s “The Monster at the End of This Book” even more important.  When he learns that his characters have come to life, one of his first thoughts is that he’s a god, which Dean quickly dismisses.

It’s also worth noting that upon learning he was a prophet, Chuck thought writing himself into his own story in such a key role was “M. Night level douchiness.”  Either he was being ironic or Eric Kripke, creator of Supernatural, didn’t mind that writing the author of Supernatural as God was even douchier.

But ignoring those tiny quibbles, I like to think that Chuck’s disappearing act makes him God, and that’s a good thing in my book.  Supernatural‘s conception of God seems as good as any, a silent observer who only gets involved when he absolutely has to.

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