Jack Pearson has ruined men for everyone else in the world. Have you ever seen a better husband or father, in television or in real life? Not likely. With every episode of This Is Us, Jack proves multiple times throughout the episode to be better than human with how thoughtful, considerate, sympathetic and hard-working he is. Men want to be him and women want to be with him. Here are nine times Jack proved to be the best husband and father there ever was.

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1. Making Rebecca Feel Sexy While 9 Months Pregnant with Triplets

This Is Us Jack Rebecca Sexy.jpg From the pilot episode, we knew Milo Ventimiglia’s Jack Pearson would be a heartthrob. Not only was he incredibly ripped, but he’s smooth as butter. His wife was carrying three fully formed babies inside of her, but he insisted that she do her usual sexy dance that she does every year on his birthday. This is how a husband should be, making his wife feel as beautiful as ever, especially when she’s feeling it the least.

2. Convincing Randall to be Himself

This Is Us be different.jpg Jack is a very thoughtful father, and tries to be especially considerate to Randall. With Randall growing up in an all-white home and a pretty much all-white neighborhood, Jack never wanted him to feel different. When he discovered that Randall was exceptionally bright but trying to hide it, Jack picked up on this and encouraged his son to never be afraid of who he is. He taught his son to own all of his traits.

3. Owning up to His Weaknesses and Fixing Them

This Is Us Jack drinkin.jpg As perfect as Jack may seem to us, we have to remember he does have one significant weakness — he’s a bit of a drinker. The second that Rebecca called him on it before it got out of hand, Jack manned up. He didn’t fight her on it and didn’t try and make compromises. He immediately recognized that if his wife felt uncomfortable with something, he needed to do whatever it took to make things right.

4. Bedazzling Madonna Gloves All Night for Kate

This Is Us Madonna gloves.jpg When his kids decided they wanted three separate themed birthday parties, of course Jack gave in to whatever they wanted. He stayed up all night bedazzling gloves for Kate’s Madonna-themed party. He goes above and beyond for his kids as often as he possibly can.

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5. Selling His Car and Soul to Buy His Wife a House

This Is Us Jack muscle car.jpg Before the kids came around, Jack was clearly much more of a free spirit. He always seemed to have that huge heart, but his wild hair, his beard and sweet muscle car were also included in that package. Still, he knew that he had to make some sacrifices to create a better life for his wife and kids. When they found out they were having triplets and the only practical option was to live with Rebecca’s mom (who he knew she hated), Jack did whatever he could to provide. He sold his nice car and went to the father he despised to get a loan. Then, Jack did all the repairs himself on a rundown home that he bought for his family.

6. Pushups with Randall

This Is Us Jack push ups.jpg When Randall was interested in joining karate, Jack gave him his full support. In one of the sweetest moments on the show, Jack put Randall on his back while he did pushups as a symbol that he will always be there for him.

7. Keeping His Cool When Rebecca Lost Hers

This Is Us Rebecca mad.jpg Pregnancy can make people a little crabby. This was definitely the case for Rebecca on the day leading up to her labor. She was very short with Jack, snapping at him for every little thing, and eventually kicking him out. Through it all, Jack remained understanding and cooperative, despite how irrational she was being, and despite the fact that he had to deal with all of this on his birthday that his wife forgot all about.

8. Turning Bad Holiday Circumstances into Amazing Memories

This Is Us Jack Thanksgiving.jpg Only Jack Pearson could turn the worst holiday travel luck into traditions that would stay with his kids for decades to come. When the Pearsons were on a road trip to Rebecca’s parents’ house for Thanksgiving, their car gave out and they got stranded in the middle of nowhere. Jack made the best of the situation and created amazing new traditions including a pioneer character, terrible Thanksgiving food and a creepy log cabin. Years after his death, his kids still love to reenact that holiday they shared with him.

9. Putting His Dreams on Hold for His Family

This Is Us dreams on hold.jpg Jack’s biggest focus has always been his wife and kids. At the end of the day, these are the most important things in the world to him. When he started his family, he had to give up a lot of things that made him happy — his fun job, his cool car and his independence. Jack was a man about it all. Even when he found a way to make himself happy in his new line of work, he put it on hold when he realized that the money was needed to ensure a stronger education for his son. Not many people would be willing to make sacrifice after sacrifice, but then again, not many people are like Jack Pearson.

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