In the season 3 winter premiere of The Flash, Barry is haunted by his vision of the future in which Iris is killed by Savitar. When Plunder, a criminal whose name was mentioned in that future, arrives in present-day Central City, Barry worries that stopping Plunder could bring him one step closer to sealing Iris’ fate. Since Barry is hesitant to take action against the villain, Wally steps in. 

Meanwhile, Julian gets a job offer, H.R. deals with the opening of the new STAR Labs museum and Iris learns about Barry’s vision. Take a look back at the most memorable moments from episode 10, “Borrowing Problems from the Future.”

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Barry Tells Iris About His Vision

TF 310 Barry Tells.jpgBarry’s apparently been having nightmares about his vision of the future and Iris has noticed. Iris realizes something is off with Barry and she keeps trying to get him to open up to her about what’s bothering him. Eventually, Barry comes clean and tells Iris about his vision of the future. Iris is confused and devastated at the thought that she might die in four months’ time — May 23, to be exact — but Barry promises to protect her. Iris tells Barry they cannot do this alone and they fill the rest of the team in on his vision. 

That is, everyone except poor Joe because Iris is afraid he will go after Savitar himself if he learns the truth. I love Iris, but keeping this from Joe is not a smart move. He’s going to find out eventually, and at least if he was told along with everyone else, he could offset some of his fear by working with the team to prevent Barry’s vision from coming true.

Barry and Wally Team Up

TF 310 Barry Wally.jpgThe Flash and Kid Flash work well together, for the most part, and it’s nice to see Barry in the mentor position for once. (Though here’s hoping he has finally learned his lesson on sidelining Wally.)

H.R. Opens STAR Labs to the Public

TF 310 HR.jpgH.R. shows the group everything he has planned for the museum, aka the public face of STAR Labs. There are still a few kinks to work through, but since the members of Team Flash need an actual income and cover to continue their work, they let H.R. go ahead with his plan. Unfortunately, no one shows up to the first day of the museum’s soft opening. Later, with help from Cisco, the museum is off to a good start. (Does this mean Team Flash has changed the future headline about the museum’s closure or will something else happen to destroy H.R.’s dream?)

Wally Wants to Prove Himself

TF 310 Wally.jpgEarly in the episode, Wally overhears Joe discussing Kid Flash with some of his colleagues. One of Joe’s colleagues mocks Kid Flash and says he isn’t necessary because the people of Central City already have a speedster protecting them. Later, Wally is disappointed when Barry tells him to sit out the take-down of Plunder so, needless to say, Barry is less than thrilled with Wally after he captures Plunder. Once Barry tells the group about his vision of the future, he explains to Wally his reasons for sidelining him. Barry then takes Wally back into the field because he believes Wally is ready, but also because if Wally is the one to bring down Plunder, they will have succeeded in changing the future. (Thus bringing them one step closer to saving Iris.)

Iris Isn’t the Only One with an Ominous Future

TF 310 Iris Isnt.jpgThanks to Cisco’s Vibe powers, the team gets another glimpse of Barry’s vision so they can search for clues about the events that lead up to Iris’ death. Cisco and Barry catch several future headlines via the televised news broadcast, a few of which relate to members of the team. They realize that in order to change the future, they need to change these headlines. Also during this second glimpse of the future, Barry notices that H.R. is present when Iris is killed by Savitar, something that changed from the first time he saw Iris die. This means the team has already changed the future once so they should be able to do it again.

Barry Puts the City in Danger

TF 310 Barry Puts.jpgWhen Plunder, the villain mentioned on the news broadcast in Barry’s vision of the future, shows up in Central City, Barry starts to fear that his vision will come true. Barry’s first encounter with the villain does not go well, as Plunder has a futuristic rifle that can stop Barry in his tracks. Later, when Barry has a chance to capture Plunder, he hesitates because of his vision of the future. Much to Barry’s dismay, Wally steps in and finishes the job. Barry eventually explains to Iris that he thought if he didn’t take Plunder into custody, it might keep his vision of the future from coming true. Iris tells Barry that he cannot prioritize her safety over protecting the people of Central City. Later, Plunder escapes from custody, but Wally is able to apprehend the villain again, thereby changing at least one future headline.

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Caitlin Asks Julian for Help

TF 310 Caitlin Asks.jpgCaitlin wants to get rid of her powers so she goes to Julian for assistance. While Julian refuses to help her at first, he eventually changes his mind. Caitlin then offers Julian a position at STAR Labs working with Team Flash. Though Caitlin originally fails to mention this job offer to the rest of the group, they all eventually agree to let Julian have a place on the team. Julian and Cisco also work together to create a new piece of tech to help Caitlin control her powers.

Barry and Iris Host a Party

TF 310 Host a Party.jpgThe gang, including Julian, gather together to celebrate the couple’s new home and toast to their future. Given Wally’s success in changing one of the headlines, that future is looking a little brighter than it was at the start of the episode. (While I loved that picture of Barry and Iris as kids, I think we can all agree that H.R. brought the best housewarming gift.)

A New Arrival

TF 310 New Arrival.jpgIn the episode’s final teaser, we see a metahuman arrive via a breach and she appears to be looking for H.R.

What was your favorite moment from this episode of The Flash? Do you think Iris and the others are wrong for keeping Joe in the dark? What do you think of Julian joining Team Flash? What does this new metahuman want with H.R.? Why was H.R. in Barry’s vision of the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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