The halfway point of Teen Wolf‘s final season is almost here. Teen Wolf will finish up the first 10 episodes of season 6 starting on Tuesday, January 31 at 9/8c on MTV.  In anticipation of the final midseason finale, MTV has released a teaser of the episode “Riders on the Storm” on the official Teen Wolf Twitter account. The trailer promises a finale that fans will never forget. Maybe most importantly, though, the teaser seemingly confirms that Stiles will have a big part in events and finally return to the series. 

5 Reasons We Miss Stiles on Teen Wolf Season 6>>>The penultimate episode of the first half of season 6, “Memory Found,” was all about the pack trying to finally get Stiles back. The only resolution we got on the story was a shadowy figure walking towards Lydia, Scott and Malia in a tunnel. The teaser, embedded below, does seem to confirm that figure was in fact Stiles. 

Though the teaser is very short, there are several intriguing new shots to unpack. Stiles and Scott can be seen embracing. Argent is staring down a Ghost Rider, Old West style. Malia, who shockingly appears to be joined by Theo and Peter, can be seen charging headfirst into a crowd of Ghost Riders. The big tease though is Lydia tearfully telling Stiles that she “didn’t say it back,” referring to Stiles’ declaration of love before he was taken by the Wild Hunt.

As mentioned, the teaser also promises a unforgettable midseason finale. While Teen Wolf is no stranger to hyperbole, especially in their promotional material, there is enough reason to think that the finale could live up to the hype. “Memory Found” was somewhere between clip show and set-up for the finale but the previous episode, “Blitzkreig,” was perhaps one of the supernatural drama’s greatest hours. 

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In the past few episodes Teen Wolf has been able to take the sour lemon of Dylan O’Brien’s temporary departure from the series, for behind-the-scenes reasons, and turn it into one of their most emotional stories. Stiles has been missed but the hole left by his departure has impacted the audience and the characters in the exactly right way. The absence of Stiles is hitting all the same superb emotional beats as the show did in season 3 when Allison Argent was killed. 

It would be tragic for Stiles, or anyone else, to lose their life in the midseason finale but the possibility and threat is there more than ever. Certain fans might just be looking forward to Lydia and Stiles finally expressing their love for one another but there are plenty of other reasons to look forward to the midseason finale and beyond on Teen Wolf season 6. Personally, the showdown between Chris Argent and a Ghost Rider is the most exciting shot from the teaser.

So what do you think of the teaser? Which hint gets you the most excited? Are you looking forward to the midseason finale? How is Teen Wolf doing in its final season so far? Do you think someone might die in the midseason finale?  

The winter finale of Teen Wolf season 6 will air Tuesday, January 25 at 9/8c on MTV. Want more news? Like our Teen Wolf Facebook page!

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