CBS has officially renewed the ultimate summer reality show Big Brother for a 14th season to air in the summer of 2012, meaning we’ll get to see more crazy houseguest antics for at least one more year. The show has already done couples, saboteurs, exes, all-stars, enemies and more, but what new twist will they come up with for Big Brother 14?

To help them out, I’ve come up with seven twist ideas that could help make Big Brother 14 the best season ever.

All-Stars: Sure, they just had six returning HGs this season, but it did bring in big ratings and since Big Brother 7 was an all-stars season, let’s do it again. Just imagine Enzo and Adam in a Jersey War. Or Shelly and Renny hanging out. It could be fun.

Celebrity Edition: It may be hard to get real celebrities willing to devote more than two months to isolation, but I’m sure there are enough pseudo-celebs who would jump at the chance to be on a major network all summer. I think Real Housewife of New Jersey Danielle Staub, Corey Feldman and Tila Tequila could make for an interesting mix.

Who’s a Survivor?: Big Brother and Survivor contestants have both appeared on The Amazing Race, so why not switch it up and fill the Big Brother house with former Survivor castaways? There would be a brand-new audience to bring to the show, and it might be fun seeing how the jungle compares to house confinement.

A Tale of Two Houses: I’m not quite sure how this would work, but imagine if the season begins with two separate houses that share a common backyard. It could work like Survivor‘s two tribes, where they compete against each other for control and the losing side has to vote someone out. Eventually the two houses would merge. This could really shake up the game.

It’s All Relative: Survivor is experimenting with this idea by having Russell Hantz‘s nephew as a castaway, so maybe try having relatives of former Big Brother HGs come to play the game for themselves.

Original Recipe: Season 10 was dubbed “Back to Basics” because they got rid of silly twists and just let the HGs play a mostly normal game. I’d love to see that happen again.

Triple Threat: This is a new twist on the game that makes things very unusual at the beginning. The season would start with 18 HGs and, for the first four weeks, the HoH would have to nominate not two, but three HGs for eviction. The two people with the most votes would both be evicted, so after four weeks we’d be down to 10 people, at which point it would turn into a regular season. There might be a better way to do this, but if they’re going to add a new twist, why not change up the entire game?

What would you like to see from Big Brother 14?

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