It didn’t seem like a lot at the time, because it was so excruciatingly drawn out over three hours, but quite a lot happened during last night’s Bachelor Pad finale: Michael and Holly won. (YAY!) Holly and Blake got engaged (yay?) but didn’t tell Michael beforehand so he had to find out when we did. (BOO!) Jake and Vienna and Kasey kind of buried the hatchet and did so not in each other’s skulls. (Boo, I think?) And Ben talked about how sexcited he is to be the next Bachelor! Dating 25 women? It’s all so SEXCITING!

It happened on TV last night, but in reality it all happened so many weeks ago. So what is everyone saying about all that good and bad stuff today? Let’s find out! Let’s make Bachelor Pad last FOREVER! (No. Let’s not. That was a joke.)

Holly says she’s still angry that ABC wouldn’t let her tell Michael before the finale taping that she and Blake were engaged. She says she tried, but they wouldn’t allow her to see or speak to him. Here are the choice quotes from her and Michael’s post-taping interview with People:

Holly: I was really upset. Last night, I called to tell him, but they’d already taken his phone. I was thinking, “Well, at least I will be able to tell him before the show so he isn’t blindsided.” But I wasn’t allowed to speak to him prior to walking out on stage. As soon as I sat down, I whispered that I needed to talk badly and then the bomb was dropped almost immediately. He was blindsided. That was the lowest thing they could have done for ratings.

I was caught off guard, humiliated. I know neither Holly nor Blake wanted it to go down like that. I’m now even more thankful for the talk we had two weeks ago, which provided closure I didn’t have before. If we hadn’t had that that, it would have been so much worse tonight. I might have just walked off stage.

I’m going on vacation, seven days somewhere tropical with a lot of drinking. And I’m going to save a lot, help start a charity with the church I attend and pay off student loans. But vacation is first on the list. […] And now I have some money to go on a few first dates.

Blake says he’s “had enough of ABC’s editing” and tried to get it in writing that Michael wouldn’t have to watch the proposal with everyone else, but “missed the loophole” that Holly and Michael would be quarantined before filming. He says he was told by ABC they’d be able to “strategize” before filming, and thought Holly would tell Michael then. What’s that old saying? Fool me once, shame on you, fool me continuously for several months in a row, shame on…

Chris Harrison says that Holly should have told Michael about the engagement before the finale taping, and that he refused to “ambush” Michael with the news… until all of a sudden he was just fine with the ambushing. “Our thought was, ‘how do we do this in the most delicate way?’ and if you think about it, we did.” UHHHH, NO YOU DIDN’T, CHRIS! Chris also isn’t buying Holly’s story that she had no chance to tell Michael in private: “The phones were taken away the night before, but the proposal happened three days prior. There was plenty of time. And, honestly, she could demand, “I’m not going on the show until I talk to Michael” — and she chose not to do it.” [TV Guide]

Chris Harrison also started out his blog this week by talking about how 9/11 should “always let us keep perspective on what’s truly important in our lives.” Then he wrote a novel about other people’s relationship drama, some of which he compared to wars in the Middle East. Perspective. [EW]

Remember all the hullabaloo about Graham punching Justin in the face? I guess I should have known it was a crock, since, you know… it’s Justin we’re talking about. William, Michelle and Erica all wrote directly to Reality Steve to clear Graham’s good name, saying that Graham didn’t hit him, Justin never had a black eye, and he is just playing this up for attention. WHAT? Are you SURE? That doesn’t sound like “Rated R” at all... Oh wait, YES IT DOES. So even though Justin is very much deserving of a punch to the face (especially now), the witness testimony proves that never happened. In the words of wise Judge Erica, “Case dismissed.” [Reality Steve]

Steve also says that Ben’s season of The Bachelor begins filming tonight. Do you live near the Bachelor mansion? Do you own a plane and a parachute? If you do, I have an idea for a fun thing you could do tonight. And that is WISH BEN GOOD LUCK (inside your head from the privacy of your own home, not with words painted on your naked body as you skydive into his cocktail party because that would be stuuuupiiiiiid).

And finally, now that the fairy tale is over…

  • William is looking into doing voiceover work. Can’t anyone help him out?
  • Michelle is asking for advice for how she and Graham can make it work long distance. Do you know? Do you know the world’s best kept secret? Hope it’s less than 140 characters, so you can tell it to her!
  • Vienna and Jake say that they “made peace,” apologized and hugged at the finale taping, but of course that wasn’t shown. More like ABSeewhatwewantyoutosee, am I right?

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