This week the CW officially picked up Supernatural for season 7, ensuring that Sam and Dean fans won’t have to scramble for a new addiction next year.

We still need to end season 6 and resolve the big mysteries of the Mother of All and the war in Heaven, but those storylines will be addressed this season. In an interview with TVLine, executive producer Bob Singer revealed that they’re also planning a bit of a cliffhanger for the end of season 6 to segue into season 7, which he said will have the Winchesters playing the roles of Butch and Sundance, or the Wild Bunch. “It’d be telling the story of the last of the cowboys, gone modern,” he said.

That could go anywhere, but I have my own thoughts on where Supernatural should go for season 7. Here are my top 7 hopes for next season.

Keep Bringing Back Old Characters

Season 6 brought back a boatload of past characters, from Samuel and Azazel to Lenore and Mary Winchester. I love that Supernatural remembers its past and brings characters back, so I hope they continue to do so. At the top of my list? Dragon expert Dr. Visyak (introduced this season in “Like a Virgin,” a tough old cougar who has a mysterious past with Bobby) and Missouri Mosely, the Lawrence, Kansas psychic from season 1.

More Ganking

Is it just me, or are Sam and Dean not killing as many things as they used to this season? I want to see Dean kicking doors down, Sam blowing monsters away with a rock salt shotgun and more bad-ass creature killing.

More Ben Edlund Episodes

I have no problem admitting that the funny episodes are my favorites, and most of them come from writer Ben Edlund. He wrote three episodes in his first three seasons on the show and, for the past two seasons, he’s written four episodes each. That’s good, but even with four episodes a season, I want more.

Let Jensen Ackles Direct Again

This season Jensen Ackles stepped behind the camera for the first time with the Bobby-centric episode, “Weekend at Bobby’s.” I was actually impressed with Jensen’s directing ability and the way the show managed to have a strong episode without a lot of Sam and Dean. It would be cool to see that again.

Introduce a New Major Character

This one might be controversial, since Supernatural tried and failed in season 3 with Ruby and Bela, but I think it’s time the show tried to add another new character to the mix. Sam, Dean and Bobby have been in the mix since season 1, and Cas was added at the start of season 4. The angel is proof that the show can successfully add a new character who becomes a permanent fixture on the show, so as much as I love the four main characters we have now, a new one would be a nice way to keep the show fresh.

Find a Way to Do Monster-of-the-Week Episodes

While the show has occasionally done monster-of-the-week storylines this season, they’re few, far between, and not as interesting as the mythology episodes. Back in the early days of Supernatural, a stand-alone episode could be every bit as gripping and exciting as one centered on the larger mythology. I still want the bigger stories, but if Supernatural could find a natural way to work stand-alone episodes into that again like they did before, it would be a nice change of pace.

Get Even More Meta

Every season the show seems to top itself in wacky meta-ness. Season 2 had the film-set “Hollywood Babylon.” Season 3 devoted an entire episode to the Ghostfacers. Season 4 brought Chuck and the Supernatural book series. Season 5 brought in the fan conventions and fan fic. And season 6 blew all of that away with “The French Mistake.” To be honest, I have no idea what could possibly be more meta than that episode, but Supernatural has always found a way to top itself.

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