The reason behind Sam’s resurrection has been one of the burgeoning mysteries of Supernatural season 6 and, though Crowley already admitted his part in pulling Soulless Sam from the cage that imprisoned Lucifer, fans just can’t help but feel that there’s something more to the story than meets the eye.

Not surprisingly, it was revealed during the recent Jus in Bello Supernatural convention in Rome that the truth about who really brought back Sam from Lucifer’s cage and the reason behind it will be exposed before the season comes to an end. In line with this premise, we asked our Facebook followers to share their best theories on who could have the best agenda (and power) to bring back Sam and here’s what they came up with:

Supernatural Discussion: What do you think is Castiel’s dirty little secret?

Meggin Lane: Only an angel has the mojo to yank a soul out of hell. So that could mean it was either Baltahzar — because he’s already begun trading in the commodities of Souls — or Raphael/Michael, because they wanted to start the apocalypse again. I’d be really disappointed if it was Cas. He was supposed to be the one angel the Winchesters could count on.

Lisa Wham: Either Death or Castiel. Didn’t Sam say Cas “owed him one” in “Caged Heat”?

Emily Zaenglein: I don’t think Cas would have lied about not pulling Sam out, and why would Crowley? If it wasn’t Crowley I am really confused who else would… Crowley wanted Dean and Sam hunting again to help Samuel and he knew Dean would not hunt again without Sam.

Toni Tilley: I think it’s going to be someone we would never think of, someone who may or may not have already been on canvas this season. Maybe a throwback to last season. It could’ve been Michael himself who pitched Sam out of Hell. The unattached soul was a casualty in the fight between him and Lucifer. He could get the body out knowing they would find away to get the soul out. Whoever it turns out to be, I hope it’s juicy good and jaw-droppingly unexpected. Whose to say it wasn’t John himself who found Sam and dragged him out? They could explain it away. A threshold Sam could cross that John couldn’t. It’d be a great way to reintroduce the character without having JDM onscreen.

Yassmin Mohammed Moatasim: I think it could be Jesse the Antichrist… He has the power to do this and to take down also the Mother of All.

Maria Pumyea: I could see Crowly lying about it. Mainly because he wanted to get to Purgatory. If the boys found out he didn’t have it, like they did, he knows the brothers (or Cas as the case may be) would kill him and thus, he would be in purgatory.

Do you still think Crowley brought Sam back to life or do these theories make you think otherwise? Who do you think is behind the resurrection?

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