Every year I go through the same motions with newly released movies. I make a bucket list of award winners, indie favorites, and anything Jennifer Lawrence is in, and grab some popcorn and begin my cinematic journey. Sometimes I get through my entire list, and sometimes I don’t. And sometimes I miss out on amazing films completely because they weren’t well-received by the general public.

Thanks to streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, I can catch up on some of the best movies I’ve ever seen, and hidden gems I missed entirely when they first hit theaters. And you can too! Here are some of the best movies available to stream that you’re not watching, but should be.

1. Goon

This is a brilliantly told, underrated depiction of life as a hockey enforcer. Doug has no real skills, and can’t even play hockey, but boy can this fella fight. The enforcer role is one that’s losing its place in the sport, but it’s interesting to see how much men in this position have gone through just to protect their teammates. A++ Available on Netflix and Amazon Prime 

2. 3, 2, 1. . . Frankie Go Boom

How often do you get to see the man behind SOA‘s dreamy psychopath Jax Teller nail a punchline? Charlie Hunnam stars in this strange little comedy (along with former Son’s of Anarchy castmate Ron Perlman) about a guy who hooks up with a girl (Lizzy Caplan), finds out his brother (Chris O’Dowd) taped it, and tries desperately to make sure the tape gets destroyed. Available on Amazon Prime.

3. Rapture-Palooza

I love movies about the end of the world. It’s kind of fun to figure out whether you have the right combination of street smarts and book smarts to ensure your survival. In the case of this story, Anna Kendrick’s character is one of the last people standing when she and her boyfriend decide to take down the devil himself (played by Craig Robinson). How did we all miss this movie? Available on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

4. The Warrior’s Way

Have you ever seen a martial arts film that was also equal parts sci-fi and Western? Yeah, I hadn’t either until I caught The Warrior’s Way. The story doesn’t make much sense, but in a fun, ‘let’s get lost in this’ kind of way. And it’s also incredibly visually spectacular. Available on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

5. Robot and Frank

Everyone gets old. You just hope your kids will step up and take care of you once you reach old age status. In the case of Frank, his kids don’t really take care of him, but they do offer the next best thing — a robot buddy. These two bond and banter, and eventually team up in a jewel heist, because. . . of course they do? Available on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

6. Ever After

Cinderella is a tale as old as time. No, wait. . . that’s Beauty and the Beast. Anyway, it’s a story that’s been done to death with very few versions that are actually good. This is one of the good ones. Drew Barrymore as a feminist Cinderella makes you fall even more in love with her than you already are. Plus, Anjelica Huston is exceptionally evil as the wicked stepmother. Available on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

7. The Giant Mechanical Man

If you’ve ever spent a minute of your life without a job or feeling lost and alone in our busy, overpopulated world, then you’ll fall hard for this movie, and the Giant Mechanical Man himself (played by the irresistibly charismatic Chris Messina). He creates this miming street act as a way to brighten the lives of the strangers around him. He’s not a wealthy man, he’s just an artist looking to connect with people. The message is powerful but delivered in a beautiful, subtle way. Available on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

So now you have your weekend plans. You’re welcome. 


Chrissa Hardy

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV