On a touching final reunion segment this week, The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s biggest star Teresa Giudice said goodbye to the fans and to the show since she won’t be participating again due to her prison sentence. Does this mean the end for RHONJ?

“We have not made any plans relating to the future of the Jersey Housewives,” Andy Cohen said during a Reddit AMA session on Tuesday. “The final reunion [aired Tuesday]. and we’ll go back and meet and talk to re-evaluate soon.” 

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This season has mostly centered around Teresa Giudice and her legal battles. She plead guilty and was sentenced to 15 months in prison for fraud last month.

RadarOnline claims that Teresa has already started filming and her daughters and husband will continue filming for Bravo. But Andy’s statement and various other sources disprove that. Besides, Teresa is a lot of things but she doesn’t seem likely to use her daughters to make a little more cash.

Andy also said in his AMA that Bravo and the show are not responsible for Teresa and Joe’s issues.

“What’s happening now with Teresa and Joe, was challenging and unusual and just–you know–surprising,” he said. “But I don’t think that it’s fair to say that there have been tragedies that have been associated with other people’s pursuit of fame. In other words, Teresa and Joe are being prosecuted for something that happened before they were even on the show.”

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Despite everything that has happened, Andy maintains that Teresa was a pleasure to work with. When asked who was the most difficult Housewife to work with he said, “There are many that are easy. I mean, there are a whole lot that are easy to work with, actually! I’d have to say Teresa, for all she’s been through, has been very professional and easy to work with.”

Dina Manzo has also been vocal about not wanting to be part of next season on Twitter. That would just leave Melissa Gorga, and the three new to this season Housewives as member of the cast. And if Andy’s feelings toward the new ‘wives is any indication as to whether there will be a new season or not, the future doesn’t look so bright.

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