While many Arrowverse characters get full storylines and planned exits, there are some who simply disappear. There’s not even a mention of where some are now. One minute they’re in an episode and the next they just don’t appear anymore, whether it’s due to creative direction from the writers or contract disputes with the actors. Here are seven forgotten Arrowverse characters who deserve some kind of closure.

1. Katana/Tatsu Yamashiro

The last time we saw Katana was in Arrow Season 3 when she killed her husband and went off to guard a magic potion. This well-written and well-rounded character had a storyline that was built up over the course of a year or so. We felt the pain as she watched her son die and her husband dive deep into the world of Ra’s al Ghul.

There are plenty of ways this character could come back to help. It looks like right now she’s just been forgotten about, and that’s a shame considering she is a strong female character that TV (especially on The CW and CBS) lacks.

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2. Patty Spivot

Patty Spivot was introduced into The Flash more as a way to prevent Barry and Iris getting together. It wasn’t going to be easy for this character to win over the fans, but she certainly managed it. In fact, she also became one of the most integral characters, with clear plans for her in the future.

Then all of a sudden she was gone. Although the character has been mentioned, it was clear that the characters of the show moved on. Not all fans have, though.

Part of her disappearance is due to the actress, Shantel VanSanten, moving away from The Flash and onto Shooter. Season 2 starts next month.

3. Ted Grant

Arrow Season 3 introduced Ted Grant, also known as Wildcat. In the comics he is the best trainer and works with the likes of the Black Canary and Batman. In the TV series, he helped train Laurel Lance quickly, so she could take over the role of Black Canary after Sara’s death.

While his character didn’t quite take off with the fans of the show, that doesn’t excuse the writers just forgetting about him. He didn’t get a goodbye and we don’t really know what he’s doing. Is he even still alive? It turns out that we’re supposed to believe that he is, but a little confirmation or a mention of him would be appreciated.

4. Maxwell Lord

The disappearance of Maxwell from Supergirl is partially understandable. When the show moved from CBS to The CW between Seasons 1 and 2, the filming moved to Vancouver, Canada from Los Angeles. Peter Facinelli didn’t want to move, just like Calista Flockhart. Unfortunately, unlike Flockhart’s Cat Grant, Facinelli’s Maxwell Lord just disappeared into the black hole of forgotten Arrowverse characters.

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Being a villain means that many fans weren’t that disappointed about losing him. However, he was a major player in the first season. The only benefit is that Kara was able to focus on Rhea and Lillian as her foes, promoting the strong female presence in the show.

5. Vigilante

Who else expected Adrian Chase to be Vigilante? There were many of us calling it, not realizing that the writers were taking Arrow in a slightly different direction. Choosing Chase to be Prometheus’ secret identity was a good call, but who is Vigilante? More importantly, where is Vigilante?

Maybe this is something that will come up in Arrow Season 6. Out of all the disappearances and forgotten characters, this one is the strangest of all. If his reason for being was only to help show the darker side of vigilantism, the writers should have given him an exit.

6. Cindy/Sin

This is one of the saddest forgotten characters, considering how against the norm she was. Cindy was best friend to Roy Harper and also worked closely with Sara Lance and Thea Queen. Throughout Arrow Season 2 she helped to bring villain and vigilante names and kept her ear to the ground for any information.

Street-wise, smart and a strong role model for those who just don’t want to conform to the norm, Cindy’s absence leaves a glaring hole. She would have made a better Black Canary replacement than Evelyn Sharp. To make matters worse, she hasn’t even been mentioned and it looks likely that she will never return.

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7. Linda Park

This is a difficult one, since the Arrowverse has had two actresses play the role: Olivia Cheng and Malese Jow. Regardless, the character of Linda Park has been forgotten in both Arrow and The Flash and completely underused in the whole franchise. Yes, she appeared on the TV screen in a recent Arrow episode, but has been all but abandoned in The Flash since the sixth episode of Season 2.

In the comics, Linda and Wally West are soul mates. In Arrowverse, the two characters haven’t met and Linda was more of a love interest for Barry Allen.

Do you agree with this list? Which forgotten Arrowverse character do you miss the most? Share in the comments below!

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