In this episode of iZombie, titled “Twenty Sided, Die”, many of the character find themselves facing down their demons from previous lives, while the zombie resistance finally gets its hands on a real zombie. Liv also eats the brains of a D&D nerd who may be a little less innocent than his childish hobby would present.

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Crime of the Week

The victim of the week is a nerdy Dungeons and Dragons player who is poisoned by his wine, seemingly by one of the other players at his basement table. Liv, adapting to her new role as dungeon master, heads into the interrogation, questioning the regular attendees of the infamous RPG. The prevalent theory is that the players were angry with Dan due to the fact that he rolled the dice and killed their characters in the make-believe game.

In their investigation, they find that a very rare painting of an elven troll was stolen from the scene of the crime. They find the stolen painting at the comic book store that one of the players, Zoe, works at, the very same player who was carrying on a secret relationship with Dan, the deceased in question. In typical nerd fashion, it comes to light that all of the boys in the group were wildly obsessed with Zoe, now painting the murder as an act of jealousy.

In an effort to get into the mindset of the nerdy board game, the entire iZombie squad gets together to play a game, all of them were clearly too cool to play while in high school. While dabbling in a life they could have lived, Liv has a third vision showing a secret door in Dan’s apartment full of hidden computers with information on Russian power plants.

However, with this unique twist in the case, it is taken away from Clive and Liv and given to the FBI, citing Dan’s killing as an act of Russian protection in an effort to keep their nuclear plans hidden. The head of the case is one of Clive’s former girlfriends from season 2, prompting a dramatic and romantically-tinged heart-to-heart between the former lovers outside of the police station.  

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Date Night Shoot-Out

The episode opens inside the meeting of the anti-zombie group, with Ravi still stealthily hiding behind his fake online persona to infiltrate them.  They are organizing to conduct in-depth research into individuals in the Seattle area who they believe to be zombies and, as an end goal, to capture a real-life zombie. Ravi somewhat outs himself using his real name but maintaining the illusion that he is on their side, informing the hate group that their misguided attempt to capture a zombie could, in fact, ignite the zombie revolution they fear. However, his medical knowledge and the fact that he is working on a cure, gets him into their good graces.

Liv dresses to go to a fundraiser for Barrachus, the zombie mayor of Seattle, alongside her current love interest, a friend of Major’s from the zombie army, while Major stays home due to his scandal inspiring an almost-serial-killer persona. Peyton, who is also at the party, questions Barrachus on the season-spanning case of the dominatrix killer, only for Liv to let her in on the fact that the Mayor was one of her more frequent clients.

While they are drinking free champagne, Ravi is blindsided at work by the anti-zombie movement, showing up at his office with a ravenous and captured zombie. While at the benefit, Barrrachus is gunned down in front of the patrons and his family, possibly by the zombie haters. 

In the closing moments of the episode, Major reaches out to the Chao Killer empathizer, Stephanie, while Blaine taunt his father who is rotting at the bottom of the well. Unknown to him, Stacy Boss comes back to town, with his eyes strictly on Blaine.

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