In the episode of iZombie, titled “Conspiracy Weary,” Liv and the rest of her zombie friends break up the zombie resistance livestream but not before some lives are lost on both sides. Elsewhere, Major and Ravi face some romantic struggles, and Peyton makes a huge discovery in the dominatrix murder case.

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The Zombie Livestream Comes to a Violent End

Right as Ravi is about to get shot by the zombie truthers and attacked by crazy Donnie, Blaine and Liv — in full-blown angry zombie mode — come in to help save Ravi and Donnie. All of the truthers escape, only to run out the door into a full-on battalion from Fillmore Graves, who shoots them to death until there is nothing left but two bodies on the floor. Harley, the captain of the resistance, gets away, leaving Liv and the gang to clean up the mess they left behind, fresh brain included.

Imbued with the brain of a zombie truther, Liv becomes paranoid, which is an unfortunate effect that has trickled down to Blaine and Donnie in their hunt for Harley. At the same time, the location of Harley’s hideout becomes important information to the Fillmore Graves army, setting up for them to take justice into their own hands. Liv has a vision that Harley knew about the bug planted in his car and is planning on using the zombie eavesdropping as a means to attack the zombies at his cabin. The information comes a second too late, and though Major gets out of the way of the explosion, two other army soldiers are not as lucky.

Liv and Clive go investigate Harley’s booby trapped cabin, to find it covered in ash and empty, but do notice a suspicious outhouse despite the fact that the internal plumbing works fine. It turns out to be a trap door that leads to an underground bunker, full of supplies and ammunition and, coincidentally, Harley as well. In a last-minute vision, Liv sees that Harley didn’t murder the family from the season premiere. But in a shoot-out, Clive kills Harley — or so he thinks — as Harley emerges into the light as a zombie. 

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The Zombie Outbreak Becomes Front Page News

Liv, addled by her paranoid brain, does a deep dive into the Chaos Killer groupie, Shawna, and unearths the fact that she has been posting everything about her and Major’s relationship for the entire Internet to see. Major confronts Shawna, and it seems that she has good intentions and was hoping to soften Major’s image, to show the world he isn’t a killer but rather a kind and loving guy. The explanation isn’t good enough for Major, and he breaks it off.

Peyton is still investigating the dominatrix murder and, after the death of her prime suspect, is delivered his personal belongings, in which she finds a key to a safe deposit box. She gets in contact with the deceased’s daughter, letting her know her father didn’t kill himself and that she is in search of a memory card that is supposed to be in his possession. Peyton takes the daughter and the key to the bank, in which they find a music box that contains the memory card she has been desperately searching for over the past several episodes. 

Peyton plays the video with Liv right next to her, unearthing the murder video of the dominatrix, also bringing to light the fact that his daughter is a zombie. The likely suspect is Barrachus, the soon-to-be mayor of Seattle, to try and destroy any incriminating evidence that the memory could have held of the mayoral candidate. 

In the chaos, Ravi loses his friend Rachel, who later shows up at the house, providing palpable evidence as Ravi’s love interest. Realizing that Ravi is surrounded by zombies and rooms with the Chaos Killer, she backs off until she appears at his job, asking him to prove his mortality in an effort to get closer to him. It turns out she isn’t as harmless as she seems, as she is an undercover journalist with a hidden agenda about the zombie presence in Seattle. In the closing moments of the episode, Ravi walks his usual morning route. He sees the newspaper that Rachel works for, with an article on the undead arriving in Seattle and a picture of Liv on the front page. 

Were you guys shocked by Harley turning into a zombie? Do you wish Ravi could find a nice girl? Was Major too harsh on his new love? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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