Summer is officially just around the corner which means the return of your favorite summer shows and the premieres of some potentially binge-worthy fare. It’s also the season for scorching female characters. It’s hard to cool off in front of the boob tube (pun intended) with these ladies steaming up the small screen. We’ve compiled a list of the hottest small-screen vixens who are not only easy on the eyes but smart, tough, ambitious, strong and funny, because beauty isn’t just skin deep. It takes more than a pretty face to impress us. Here are the 10 sexiest female characters to look out for in summer 2017.

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#10. Piper Chapman, Orange is the New Black (Netflix)

Piper-OITNB-10 Sexiest.jpg

Pre-prison days, Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) was a stylish New Yorker, but now she spends her days in shapeless prison garb. In spite of her androgynous attire, Piper’s sharp tongue and equally sharp cheekbones are always on display. This wispy, attractive blonde is tougher than she looks, constantly picking herself back up after getting knocked down. Those big doe eyes are hard to resist, and Piper hasn’t lacked for companionship during her time behind bars.

#9. Claire Underwood, House of Cards (Netflix)

Robin Wright-House of Cards-10 Sexiest.jpg

Behind every diabolical man, there’s a calculating woman. In the case of President Frank Underwood, it’s his ambitious and beautiful wife, Claire (Robin Wright.) Claire’s husband may be the leader of the free world, but she’s her own woman, whether she’s running a non-profit or for the position of Vice President. Claire is calculating — a modern-day Lady Macbeth — but she’s also passionate and often attracted to more creative types. And there’s only one other First Lady in history with such enviable upper arms.

#8. Jessica Jones, The Defenders (Netflix)

Jessica Jones-The Defenders-10 Sexiest.png

Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) is a badass with a heart of gold. It just happens to be a little … tarnished. This tough-talking, “gifted” antihero is a champion for the downtrodden. She’s not the traditional hearts-and-flowers kind of girl, but that doesn’t mean she’s impervious to the subtle charms of the strong, silent type.

#7. Olivia, Midnight, Texas (NBC)

midnight-texas-arielle-kebbel-olivia-nbc.jpg We don’t know much about the residents of Midnight, Texas, but the show is based on the bestselling trilogy written by Charlaine Harris (True Blood), so we’re banking on hotties both human and supernatural. Olivia (Arielle Kebbel) is “an assassin with a weapon for every occasion,” and she also has a thing for sexy vampires (who doesn’t?)

#6. Kelsey Peters, Younger (TVLand)

Kelsey-Younger-10 Sexiest.jpg

Kelsey (Hilary Duff) is the girl next door who grew up, moved to the city and became a gorgeous fashionista. This millennial isn’t just a blonde bombshell who looks great in a mini skirt, she’s also an ambitious editor on her way to being a powerhouse in the publishing industry. Kelsey is a loyal friend who knows how to cut loose, even having sex in very public places. Let’s face it, she’s every guy’s dream girl — those with a pulse anyway. 

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#5. Tulip O’Hare, Preacher (AMC)

Preacher-Tulip-10 Sexiest.jpg

She may be petite, but Tulip (Ruth Negga) packs quite a punch. Her curly black hair is often as wild and untamed as Tulip herself. She’s sassy and able to fashion a rocket launcher out of tin cans, duct tape, moonshine and toy soldiers. She’s effortlessly gorgeous, with her pouty lips (useful when wrapping her mouth around a man’s ear to bite it off) being one of her most flattering attributes.

#4. Kirsten Clark, Stitchers (Freeform)

Kirsten Clark-Stitchers-10 Sexiest.jpg

Kirsten (Emma Ishta) is a bit high maintenance, but what can you expect from a genius with lingering daddy issues who has gone from emotionally frigid to a basket case? On the plus side, she can pull off a black mesh bodysuit, help solve crimes, speak her mind and look great doing all of it.

#3. Isabelle Lightwood, Shadowhunters (Freeform)

Shadowhungers-10 Sexiest.jpg

Tall, dark and gorgeous? Check. Likes to carry a whip? Check. Fierce fashion sense? Check. Not only does Isabelle (Emeraude Toubia) fight demons, she does it wearing high heels. It’s no wonder that men are easily seduced by Isabelle’s many charms.

#2. Rachel Zane, Suits (USA)

Meghan Markle-Suits-10 Sexiest.jpg

When Mike Ross first spotted Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle), it was love at first sight (for viewers too.) Not only can she wear the hell out of a pencil skirt and conservative cardigans, but she has a top-notch mind. Rachel’s turn-ons include good food, the law and freeing innocent men from death row. Among the bevy of beauties at Pearson Specter Litt, Rachel is a standout — make that a knockout.

#1. Daenerys Targaryen, Game of Thrones (HBO)

Emilia Clarke-GOT-10 Sexiest.jpg

Daenerys “Dany” Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), the progeny of the “Mad King,” is poised to storm the Red Keep and become the next ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. She manages to be both empathetic and imposing. Practically everyone who encounters Dany either falls in love with her or at least swears their undying devotion, even if it’s politically motivated. She’s a doting mother to three dragons and in spite of her angelic face and long golden locks, she’s not a woman you want to cross. Dany is fearless, flawless and we can’t wait to see whose ass she kicks next.

Did we miss your favorite? Let us know which cutie you’ll be crushing on this summer in the comments section below.

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