In this episode of Shadowhunters, titled “Those of Demon Blood,” the growing schism between downworlders and shadowhunters grows as a masked assailant starts killing shadowhunters and carving their runes out of their bodies, an act that is met with an iron first from The Clave as they try to involuntarily chip them. Meanwhile, Alec and Magnus face some relationship struggles, and Jace finds a new warm body to cuddle up to in a dark alley.

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A Shadowhunter Massacre

A night out on the town brings Clary and Simon face to face with a mutilated Shadowhunter, with pieces of the victim’s flesh, runes and all, littering a dark alleyway. It’s to be believed that the shadowhunter was killed by a werewolf, igniting the downworlder versus shadowhunter war. Jace bonds with his newly discovered grandma, to the degree that she appoints him the head of the New York institute after she returns to Idris. Concurrent with Jace’s family bonding, more and more shadowhunter victims pop up, this time victims of fairies and vampires, making all of the downworlders suspects.

The gang sets out to collect DNA samples from their friends in order to clear their names. Alec heads to Magnus’ place and is met with resilience from his boyfriend, thinking that Alec himself believes Magnus could have something to do with the murders. In Alec’s absence, an old friend of Magnus’, Dot, aims to get closer to him, and though they share a moment, Magnus ultimately turns her down due to his love for Alec. After Clary leaves Simon’s place, she is blindsided by a cloaked figure, presumably the one behind the murders. Simon shows up just in time to save Clary, who was drugged, but the assailant gets away.

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The Clave Takes Justice into Their Own Hands

The Inquisitor, Jace’s grandma, is ruling the institute with an iron fist, cracking down hard on all downworlders, including Simon. The Clave rules even harder behind her control, instituting a forced chipping of all downworlders so that the shadowhunters can track them. Jace goes to the bar to try and involuntarily chip Maya, leading to a shadowhunter-downworlder face-off, fueling the revolt that lives right beneath the service.

Clary, up from her drug-induced snooze, goes to find Simon down in the cells of the institute. She takes her anger out on Jace and, consequently, the Clave for locking up Simon and chipping the downworlders. But in an effort to not scare off his only family, Jace stays silent in the face of the inquisitor. Raphael comes to Isabelle with some information about who could possibly be behind the murders, citing a vicious attack on the downworlders years ago for the hate in the revenge-driven downworlder, who Raphael believes could be Meliorn, Isabelle’s former fairy lover. The two go to track him down, only to be interrupted by Max, Isabelle and Alec’s younger brother, who tracked their location. They find Meliorn, and it turns out not to be him, but it is still a Seelie who Meliorn offers to help track, but not before the masked murderer abducts Max right from underneath Isabelle’s nose.

They find Max, chained to a table by a Seelie fairy named Kaley, who wants revenge for her brother who Jace killed when igniting the Soul Sword. After a brawl, Isabelle stabs her right through the heart with her seraph blade. Upon their return to the institute, Jace realizes he isn’t meant for a leadership position and bestows it upon Alec, who it should have gone to from the beginning. Over the closing moments of the episode, during a musical performance by Simon, relationships take a turn, as Alec and Magnus reconcile and Jace and Maya passionately hook up, despite their vitriol for one another and Jace’s silent love for Clary. 

Were you surprised at that episode-ending hook-up? How much longer do you think Jace has before he must choose between his friends and his family? Are you excited to see the gang head to the Seelie Court in the next episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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