The big, bad witch is dead. Okay, she wasn’t that bad. I mean, she did torture the girls for many years, but having spent years in a sanitarium, exiled from her family and confused about her own identity, we have to empathize with her a little bit. In the season 6B premiere, Charlotte DiLaurentis finally met her end. While we still don’t know who exactly killed her, we can’t deny that losing this character was the best bet for this show. Here’s why.

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It Progresses the Story Along

Charlotte was the bad guy for the majority of the show. Sure, “A” took many different forms and suspects throughout the series, but we discovered that she was the mastermind behind all of it right from the beginning. With the story now jumping ahead five years, it seems implausible and repetitive if Charlotte was still able to be a threat in their lives. The girls all live in completely different places, and she’d rack up a handsome amount of frequent flier miles trying to consistently torment them all. Granted, the girls are back for the time being, but a new threat is really the only logical thing that would keep them together. They know all of “A’s” old tricks.

Her Character Can’t Really Serve the Show Anymore

If Charlotte did get her way and was released from Radley without being murdered, what purpose would she really serve on the show? She would be able to develop her relationship with her sister Ali, but she sure as hell wouldn’t be in the rest of the girls’ lives. Her release would only send the girls back to their adult lives and nothing more could really happen. Her death on the other hand keeps the girls around until this mystery is solved. In the meantime, it’s sure to only get more complicated. Essentially, the biggest service her character could do for the show at this point is to die.

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It Opens the Door for New Possibilities

With her death comes so many more questions; who killed her? Who’s the new big bad? Where will the story go from here? All of that and more can now be explored. Each of the girls would have their own reasons to figure this out, whether it be to feel safe, seek revenge or just clear their names. More than just that, a person capable of killing the big bad “A” is definitely something to be concerned about. Charlotte knows how to protect herself, so if someone is able to take her out, who really is safe?

Thanks for scaring us for all of those years, Charlotte. You’ll be missed, maybe.

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Kartik Chainani

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