TV crossovers have always been big events used to drum up ratings. In recent years the idea of TV crossovers has exploded in popularity. Netflix is planning a whole crossover series, The Defenders, with all its Marvel shows. The CW is staging a yearly event combining all of its DC shows. FOX is mashing up any series it can with Bones. NBC has the entire city of Chicago covered at this point between Chicago Med, Chicago PD, Chicago Fire and all the crossover events between them. Throughout all these crossover bonanzas one series has been left out, despite being perfect for a crossover: Supernatural.

Supernatural has a weird and wonderful relationship with reality. Thanks to characters like God, Gabriel and just your standard witches, nothing is really off-limits. The only hold-up for a crossover isn’t a logical one but likely a business one. Given that freedom of creativity, we asked fans what kind of crossover they would like to see on the show over on our Supernatural Facebook page. Here are some of the best responses with a few of our own ideas mixed in. 

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One of the most popular ideas from fans is for Supernatural to cross over with another CW show, Arrow. This is a crossover idea that has probably been sparked by the very real and very present (if you follow their social media accounts) friendship between Supernatural stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki and Arrow frontman Stephen Amell. It’s far from a horrible idea, too. Arrow is definitely closer in tone to Supernatural than any of the CW’s other DC shows. It is also the one that has dealt with magic the most so it wouldn’t be completely out of the realm of possibility. It would probably have to involve a little bit of universe hopping but that is far from a logical hurdle for either shows. Fans have even already charted out some possibilities, embedded below. 

The first suggestion would probably be the easiest, most creative and non-distracting way to do it. It wouldn’t require too much interplay from the cast. There is the whole lingering question of how Oliver and Diggle would end up in the same bar as Sam and Dean, since Arrow and Supernatural clearly don’t take place in the same universe. So it might be good to involve Barry Allen from The Flash and just go as big and weird as possible. Like the Supergirl/Flash crossover from Supergirl season 1, only (presumably) with a lot more monster murder. Stephen Amell is clearly on board based on this Instagram post embedded below. 


This is the crossover we need.

A photo posted by Stephen Amell (@stephenamell) on Oct 29, 2016 at 2:17pm PDT


This next suggestion is a bit Arrow-adjacent and probably a little bit more doable. Constantine existed for just a single season and is now canceled, but fans love the show and loved Matt Ryan‘s interpretation of the character even more. Ryan is so popular that he was officially incorporated into the Arrowverse in Arrow season 4. There’s nothing to say that a version of Constantine doesn’t exist in Supernatural as well. Or at the very least, he could make his way over to Supernatural‘s universe. 

The Walking Dead 

The most popular comment that mentioned Constantine also had another slightly wackier idea. A The Walking Dead and Supernatural crossover has been something fans have joked about ever since Jeffrey Dean Morgan (otherwise known as John Winchester) showed up as the baddie of season 7 of The Walking Dead, Negan. In fact, according to this comment the crossover could be how The Walking Dead ends, as Sam and Dean would kill at the zombies in quick order. 

Of course some fans have a more positive (but still insane) view and think that a crossover should explain that Negan actually is John Winchester and the boys should go to The Walking Dead to get their father back. 

Neither suggestion should be taken that seriously. The silliness would fit Supernatural, but it definitely wouldn’t fit The Walking Dead. Yet the idea of a Supernatural and Walking Dead crossover is so bananas it would be highly enjoyable if it ever did happen.

Scooby Doo 

The term “Scooby Gang” has become synonymous with a group of scrappy heroes fighting against the forces of evil. Since Supernatural definitely fits that mold, it could fit into the world of Scooby Doo pretty easily. There are even some immediate and obvious character dynamics to explore, comparing and contrasting the original Scooby gang with Supernatural‘s version. 

The comment doesn’t point this out but a Scooby Doo crossover would almost certainly have to be animated. This doesn’t preclude it from a being a possibility. If anything it could enhance the chances of becoming a Supernatural episode. The show has done plenty of (excellent) gimmicky episodes like the black and white “Monster Movie” or the meta “Changing Channels.” A animated hour is one thing the show has never tried but perhaps it should. 

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Stranger Things 

Supernatural takes plenty of inspiration from pop culture. Since Sam and Dean grew up in the ’80s there have been more than a few ’80s references throughout the years. So it would be a perfect mash-up to take Supernatural to the show that combines the ’80s and monsters, Stranger Things. 

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It would be a natural fit as Sam and Dean would immediately connect to the Stranger Things kids, having grow up in a similar type of situation. The Winchester brothers already have a proven track record with connecting to children. Plus, as the Facebook comment from Lauren Grennen points out, who doesn’t want to see Sam and Dean’s incredulous reactions to Eleven? 

But what do you think? Would a Supernatural crossover episode with another show ever work? Which characters from these shows would you most like to see Supernatural meet up with in a crossover? Did we miss any obvious crossover ideas? 

Supernatural season 12 returns Thursday, January 26 at 8/7c on The CW.

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