If you’re a Supernatural fan, there is one thing you can confidently say — Sam and Dean will never die. Okay, maybe they’ll die (numerous times), but they’ll never not come back. Even if we disregard the Winchester resurrection tradition, there have been so many instances throughout the show where they should have died, yet somehow miraculously survived. Most of the time, without even so much as a scratch. Let’s take a look at nine times Sam and Dean were unbreakable.

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1. Dean Gets Mauled by Hellhounds (Season 3, Episode 22)

After a season-long arc of the Winchester brothers trying to figure out how they could weasel Dean out of the deal which entailed him going to hell, the inevitable happened. The hellhounds came for Dean and viciously gnawed at his body before dragging it down into hell. Of course, Dean was the first person we had seen to get dragged away by the hounds but then manage to come back (which he did in the season 4 premiere.) Even so, the amount of blood and damage those hellhounds must have done to him was completely erased by the time he returned from hell. Also, Castiel’s arm print, which was left from him literally pulling Dean out of hell, also managed to disappear. Somehow, Dean’s body is as fine as ever.

2. Sam Struck by Lightning (Season 4, Episode 8)

Remember when that guy Wes had the ability to make any of his life’s wishes come true? Well, one of them went a little awry and caused Sam to actually get struck by lightning. Yeah. Struck. By. Lightning. Nonetheless, by the end of the episode, Sam dusts himself off and carries on with his day. There aren’t too many people who can claim the same. He should really look into getting added to the book of world records.

3. Dean Gets Tortured by Alistair (Season 4, Episode 10)

Dean kept quiet about his experience in hell for quite some time. When we finally found out the truth about what Alistair was doing to him every day for what felt like an eternity, we couldn’t blame him. Quite frankly, it was a miracle he lasted that long before giving in to his demands. Still, how can any human possibly take on that kind of inhumane (literally) abuse and still come out being the same old pie-loving, joke-cracking goofball he always was? The Winchesters are literally not human.

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4. Sam Binge-Drinking Demon Blood (Season 5, Episode 22)

For most of season 5, Sam was drinking demon blood and shacking up with a demon behind Dean’s back. In a lot of ways, it was similar to the way an alcoholic might hide his drinking habits from his loved ones. That being said, we have to assume drinking demon blood is a million times worse for you than any form of liquor. Somehow, it didn’t seem to have any lasting effects on Sam, even when he literally chugged gallons worth of the stuff to prepare for his face-off with Lucifer. You can even forget the fact that drinking that many gallons worth of anything without puking is impossible. But just how the hell does someone drink that much blood of an actual demon and still manage to walk straight?

5. Death Placing Sam’s Soul Back (Season 6, Episode 11)

Sam goes through the wringer every season on Supernatural. Aside from being possessed by the devil, maybe the worst thing to happen to this guy is losing his soul and then getting it back. As Death points out, this is not a very comfortable procedure. The pain is excruciating. If the pain of something is so intense that Death himself makes note of it, how in the world can Sam bear it? But he does, and recovers quickly, like a Winchester should.

6. Castiel Breaking Sam’s Mental Wall Down (Season 6, Episode 22)

The re-installation of Sammy’s soul wasn’t the end of his torture in season 6. In the finale, Castiel ripped down the wall that Death put up in Sam’s mind to protect him from himself. As we see in the scene, this looks about as fun as getting your soul shoved back inside you does. Poor Sam.

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7. Dean Eating Turducken and Surviving (Season 7, Episode 9)

What won’t Dean do for a good meal? When he sees an attractive sandwich, he’s all over that thing. Of course, he would come to regret his gluttonous consumption of the evil turducken sandwich. When Bobby and Dean discovered the disgusting gray goop that oozed out of that sandwich, even the stoned and indifferent Dean couldn’t mask his reaction when he realized that stuff was inside of him. I mean, that looks worse than consuming gasoline, yet Dean didn’t suffer many repercussions. The Winchester iron stomach prevailed once again.

8. Dean’s Heart Nearly Getting Ripped Out (Season 8, Episode 3)

Amelia (or “freaking Xena Warrior Princess,” as she wants to be called) got way too big a kick out of the idea of ripping Dean’s heart out. She even wanted to go slowly enough that she could pull it out in time to show it to him before he died. We thought that, as usual, he would get saved right before anything happened. For the most part this ended up being true, but her super strength-enforced hand still shoved into his rib cage pretty hard from the sounds of it. Nobody should be able to get up after something like that.

9. Lucifer Grabbing Sam’s Soul (Season 11, Episode 14)

This was a cheap trick, even for Lucifer. Sam didn’t know Lucifer was possessing Cas, something which the devil used to his advantage in getting Sam close to him. Not even because he needed him or had any use for his soul, but just to screw with him, Lucifer reaches inside Sam and feels around in his soul. Being the devil’s pain plaything can’t be easy.

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What other moments can you think of when Sam and Dean should probably have died, yet somehow survived? Share them with us in the comments below!

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