The end is near. Season 10 of Smallville will be the show’s last, and with the end in sight, the show is ready to wrap up the saga. There are certain events we all know are coming. Lois and Clark will be together. Clark will learn to fly, put on the red and blue suit and protect the world.  Lex Luther will rise again and become Clark’s greatest nemesis.

But how do we get to that point? That’s what season 10 has to answer, and the premiere is a great start. With an endpoint, Smallville is addressing major issues, bringing in serious conflict and keep an eye on where it came from. The premiere alone features several callbacks to season 1, including the infamous scarecrow post where Lex first saved Clark.

But what else does the Smallville season 10 premiere bring? Here are just five of the things you’ll see.

Lots of Lex

From the beginning we all knew Lex Luther was the main bad guy, and sadly the show has been without him for a while. However, the season 10 premiere is very Lex-centric, so there’s a lot of hope for fans and a lot of mysteries answered about Lex’s fate.

Lois Lane

At the end of season 9 the Blur kissed Lois and she finally realized that the Blur is Clark. After watching the premiere, I can assure you that the only thing more entertaining than Lois not knowing is her actually knowing, because she adds so much needed levity to the premiere.

Tom Welling‘s Acting

If I’m being honest, Tom Welling‘s acting has never been the strongest suit of Smallville. Maybe I’m getting sentimental going into the final season, but I feel like Welling really stepped up his game for this episode and gets to do some interesting dramatic acting that is unlike the Clark we’ve seen before. And I like it.

Clark’s Two Dads

Clark Kent has two fathers: Jor-El and Jonathan Kent. In the season 10 premiere we get to compare and contrast parenting styles and see Clark deal with both his human side and his Kryptonian side.

The Darkness

Nearly every single scene of the season 10 premiere features a reference to a darkness coming. Since this is the end, that darkness will probably be something pretty big and nasty, and the brief glimpse of darkness we get is enough to get me very excited for what’s to come.

Smallville‘s final season premieres Friday at 8pm on the CW.

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