A lot has changed in The Originals since the time-jump, and there are a few things that we viewers need to get caught up on. A recent E! interview with executive producer Michael Narducci offered us some much-needed insight into the love stories and “big bads” we can expect to see shortly. Find out all the details below.

'The Originals' EP Michael Narducci Teases New Romances and One Big Scary Ghost

It’s not The Originals without some romance, and the show promises to offer plenty more of it.

“There’s one relationship that we haven’t even begun to explore, which we are going to see blossom into something I’m extremely excited for the audience to see,” teases Narducci. But that’s not all. The producer also let slip that a couple previously thought to be done with is making a return.

“There’s another relationship that everybody just assumes is over, and that relationship is going to bounce back in a very major way.”

Lastly, let’s get to the new threat facing the Mikaelsons (and just about everyone else.) Narducci mentions that the threat is very big, very scary and very familiar to the people of New Orleans.

“What we have this season is basically a giant storm is on the horizon, something that threatens all of our characters — not just Marcel, not just the Mikaelsons, not just the children of New Orleans, but everybody,” Narducci says. “There’s a big storm coming, and how will all the different players react to this thing that’s coming? It’s not a literal storm, it is the return of this very dark very scary presence and a haunting that is going to take place and will play out more and more over the course of every subsequent episode, so we’re really excited to see not only what that thing is, but to play with the horror tropes that we see in a haunting but also how our characters will react to that.”

This threat may be new to our Originals characters, but it might look a little familiar to anyone who’s from New Orleans, as Narducci says the show drew on the myths of its setting.

“This is some kind of magic, some kind of a presence that is native to New Orleans, something that has been there for a very long time,” he says. “We drew some inspiration from actual New Orleans lore as we kind of constructed this fictional ghost and this presence and this evil. We wanted to play with some of the history of New Orleans and some of the different elements and things that have happened over the course of New Orleans history and we certainly wanted to tap into what we had established in our fictional universe with regard to Vincent Griffith [Yusuf Gatewood], Eva Sinclair [Maisie Richardson-Sellers], witches dabbling in very powerful magic, and there always being consequences to that.”

Which Originals couples are coming back and what do you think of the new threat facing these characters?

The Originals airs Fridays at 8/7c on The CW.

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