For the past few episodes of Supernatural, Sam and Dean have tried to work with Mick Davies and the British Men of Letters. But that relationship seemed doomed from the start, especially since it began with Lady Toni Bevell shooting and torturing Sam.

In “The British Invasion,” we learn about Mick’s origins with the BMOL as he’s forced to make a choice: Stick with the organization that raised him or side with the Winchesters and their way of doing things. Sadly, his choice has fatal consequences and it’s safe to say that the BMOL is now 100 percent the enemy.

How Mick Became a Man of Letters

The episode begins in 1987 at Kendricks Academy, the Hogwarts-style training school for the British Men of Letters. The headmistress, Dr. Hess, gives a young Mick and his friend Timothy a task. She leaves them alone in a room with a dagger and says only one will leave to continue their training. Clearly she’s less of a Dumbledore and more of a Snape. Mick walks out with a bloody dagger.

What to Do with Kelly Kline

In the present, Mick shows up at the Bunker with news of Lucifer’s baby, but Sam and Dean already know. Mick believes they need to kill Kelly Kline, but the Winchesters think she’s innocent and they want to find another way. Things get more complicated when Dr. Hess calls up Mick and demands that he get Sam, Dean and the other American Hunters on board with their mission or else Mr. Ketch will kill them. To make sure he complies, she sends her assistant, Renny.

With some help from Eileen, the deaf Hunter the boys met last season and who Sam totally has a crush on, Sam and Dean are able to track down Kelly and Dagon, the Princess of Hell. They grab Kelly and try to help her, but she’s in love with her baby and will protect it at all costs.

Dagon arrives to take back Kelly and a fight ensures. Eileen picks up the Colt and tries to shoot Dagon, but she misses and kills Renny instead while Dagon and Kelly escape. Mick wants to kill Eileen because that’s what the Men of Letters code dictates he do, but Sam is able to convince him to follow his own moral code instead. Mick lets them go, but Eileen is quite distraught over the fact that she killed a man.

Mick Makes His Choice

Back at the Men of Letters HQ, Mick runs into Mr. Ketch and Dr. Hess. She’s very disappointed in everything that has happened, but Mick stands up for himself. He refuses to follow the BMOL’s code, instead preferring Sam and Dean’s personal moral compass.

Tragically, just as Mick makes his choice, Mr. Ketch shoots him in the head. Aww, RIP Mick, I was just starting to like you. Dr. Hess decides that the experiment in recruiting American Hunters is a failure, so she orders Mr. Ketch to kill them all. That might be a little awkward considering the fact that, earlier in the episode, he had sex with Mary.

Lucifer’s Plan

Back in Crowley’s dungeon, Lucifer decides to play along as the King of Hell’s pet, licking the floor and doing whatever Crowley want him to do. But it’s a ruse and Lucifer is actually trying to get a demon to undo the spells that make him Crowley’s servant. Unfortunately, Crowley killed the man who did the magic to protect the secret.

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