Supernatural ended season 12 with a ton of big cliffhangers and questions for next season. Castiel, Crowley and Rowena all died, a parallel universe was revealed and Lucifer’s son Jack was born. Where will the show go next? We already know about an animated Scooby Doo episode, but what major storylines do we hope to see from season 13?

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Here’s a look at four things I hope to see when Supernatural returns for season 13.

Don’t Let Jack Be the Villain

Season 12 ended with the arrival of a grown-up version of Jack, the son of Lucifer, huddled in a corner. Though mostly obscured, the character is played by Alexander Calvert, best known to CW audiences as Lonnie Machin (aka the villainous Anarky) on Arrow. But I hope he’s not just another Big Bad on Supernatural.

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With Jack, the show has the opportunity to explore a new character with the potential to be either a huge villain or an ally who saves the world. That moral complexity would be a nice twist, as opposed to having him be another Amara/Lucifer/Leviathan. I want to see the struggle between good and evil with Jack and the Winchesters attempts to sway him to the side of good.

More Doppelgangers in Apocalypse World

The biggest new expansion from the season 12 finale was the introduction of Apocalypse World, the parallel Earth where Sam and Dean were never born and humans are trapped in the middle of an ongoing war between angels and demons. Mary and Lucifer are trapped there, so it feels safe to assume that we’ll see it again, probably like how Purgatory was a staple of season 8.

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But I hope we get to see more familiar faces like Bobby. Supernatural has killed off dozens of major characters and, as Arrow and The Flash have proved, alternate universes are a great way to resurrect the dead. Maybe there are versions of Ellen Harvelle or Charlie Bradbury on Apocalypse World, helping Bobby fight back in the human resistance. And maybe Gabriel, aka the Trickster, wasn’t killed either. Literally any dead character can show up in Apocalypse World, let’s just hope the show takes advantage of that opportunity.

Max and Alicia Banes

Season 12 introduced us to Max Banes, a witch and hunter, along with his twin sister Alicia. Alicia and their mom were both killed, but Max took on the powerful demonic magic of another witch and created a twig doll copy of his sister.

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His possible transition to the dark side left a lot of questions, and I certainly hope that he comes back to answer them.

Kendricks Academy

Sure, Dr. Hess, Mr. Ketch, Lady Toni Bevell and Mick Davies are all dead, but the British Men of Letters haven’t just magically disappeared. There are still the men in charge of the whole operation back in England, the ones on the other end of the phone that Sam shot. And there’s still Kendricks, Hogwarts for demon hunters.

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While I don’t think the BMOL should have as big of a presence as they did in season 12, it would be nice to check in and see what happened to them. And if it involves a case at Kendricks, with Sam and Dean traveling across the Atlantic, I think we’d all like to see Dean’s reaction to steak and kidney pie.

Supernatural returns for season 13 this Fall, Thursdays at 8/7c on the CW.

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