A good season-ending cliffhanger will have you yelling at your TV, already dreading the months until a show returns. Maybe your favorite character might be dead. Maybe the final minutes of a finale revealed a crazy twist that has you questioning what you thought you knew. Maybe too many characters’ lives are left hanging in the balance for all of them to survive without it feeling like a cheap cop-out.

Here are the cliffhangers from the 2016-17 TV season that left us wondering what was going to happen next.

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14. Legends of Tomorrow

Cliffhangers Legends of Tomorrow.jpgThe Legends found out that they “broke time” when, after being ejected from the temporal zone and crashing in Los Angeles 2017, there were dinosaurs and a couple of futuristic-looking buildings.

13. Timeless

Lucy found out that her mother was Rittenhouse. Plus, Jiya started suffering side effects after being the fourth person in the machine and was seeing two points in time.

12. Once Upon a Time

Setting up the season 7 reset, “years later” in Seattle, Lucy found an adult Henry, revealed she was his daughter and told him “your family needs you.”

11. The Flash

The speed force prison needed a prisoner, and Barry stepped up to fill the spot. But since the show is The Flash, it’s hard to imagine he’ll be in there for long (in on-screen time.) 

10. Chicago Med

After having quite the day worrying about his daughter, Dr. Charles left the hospital only to be confronted by a patient who shot him, then shot himself.

9. Blindspot

Cliffhangers Blindspot.jpgAfter a two-year time jump, Weller found Jane living in the mountains. Though she said she could never return home, Patterson, Reade and Zapata were missing, and a metal box was left behind with Jane’s name on it. Only when they both held it did it open to reveal a piece of metal with a design matching the bird tattoo on Jane’s neck, which, when held to the tattoo, led to her tattoos lighting up.


Gibbs and McGee were left in Paraguay to face a group of rebels.

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7. The 100

Six years and seven days after praimfaya, Clarke, who still hadn’t been able to reach anyone else, and her companion, Maddie, saw a prison transport come down to Earth.

6. Criminal Minds

On their way to what they thought would be a trap set by Mr. Scratch, Prentiss, JJ, Rossi, Tara, Luke and Stephen drove into a trap and were left in the path of an 18-wheeler.

5. Arrow

Cliffhangers Arrow.jpgChase killed himself, which triggered the explosives on the island, and Oliver and William were the only ones confirmed to not be on the island at the time.

4. Supernatural

Lucifer not only killed Castiel, but he also dragged Mary with him into the alternate world, where they’d be trapped when the rift closed. Also, Kelly gave birth to “Jack,” who, by the time Sam found him in what was to be his nursery, was pretty grown-up and had yellow eyes.

3. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Men in black interrupted the team’s downtime at a diner to freeze them and take them. “The window closes in less than two minutes,” one stated. Then, Coulson woke up in space and, after taking a moment to look out his window, told himself to “get back to work.” Where’s the rest of the team?

2. Chicago Fire

Boden, Cruz, Dawson, Brett, Tony and Capp were the only ones not trapped inside a burning building. And Mouch might have been having a heart attack.

1. Riverdale

Cliffhangers Riverdale.jpgFred Andrews was shot during an armed robbery at Pop’s.

Which season finale cliffhangers left you dreading the hiatus? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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