With Killer Frost no longer “in charge” of Caitlin Snow, she kept her powers and is still tempted to turn evil and use them. She’s no longer Caitlin, but no longer Killer Frost. She’s someone else, with the powers to stop Barry. The Flash has already turned friend into a foe with Harrison Wells 1 AKA Eobard Thawne and with Jay Garrick / Zoom, but with Caitlin, it’d be different. She’s been such a long, trusted ally of Team Flash, and her turning against them (not just temporarily, but for good) would be the perfect callback to the Killer Frost of the comics.

Killer Frost Doesn’t Have to Be Gone

While it seemed like Caitlin regained control of herself and banished the evil spirit that seemingly accompanies her cold powers, that doesn’t have remain true. The more she uses them, the more Killer Frost could take control and become the power player in Caitlin Snow’s body. Plus, another heartbreak could send Caitlin spinning as she’s been hurt so many times, which is why she’s grown cold.

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Caitlin Snow knows everything about Team Flash; she knows Barry and Wally’s weaknesses, the exact buttons to push with each team member, what would cause them to hesitate and resist their urge to take down Killer Frost if they believed Caitlin was coming back. If she teamed up with someone, like Captain Cold, their powers together would benefit each other and be nearly unstoppable.

She Knows Them

Caitlin knows her friends. They were/are her family, especially since she lost Ronnie. She knows everything about them, and they know little about her. Caitlin’s past is relatively unexplored, and her powers and their limits are unknown to everyone on Team Flash, so she’d have an advantage over them.

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She’s not Caitlin anymore, but she’s not Killer Frost, so who is she? Is she easily tempted by the darkness protruding from her powers and the pain she’s been through? She’d be an interesting Big Bad for season 4 because she has such an advantage over the other villains, even Eobard Thawne. A great call to the comics, if Caitlin doesn’t become the big villain, would be to become an anti-hero. Perhaps Legends of Tomorrow would be best suited to develop that side of Caitlin, though.

What do you think? Would Caitlin make a great villain, especially on a team? Would she be better off developing her powers on Legends of Tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below!

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