Every year, TV viewers fall in love with the characters they see every week. Whether they’re sweet and lovable or alluring bad boys, television offers a wide variety of sexy characters.

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Here’s our list of 2016’s 10 sexiest male TV characters. From athletes and aliens to reformed bad boys to sensitive souls, there’s something for everyone.

#10 Jess Mariano, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

2016men-jess.jpgHow can you not fall in love with Jess all over again? The former rebel has grown up a lot and in this miniseries he showed up to help get Rory back on the right path by suggesting she write a book about her relationship with her mom. Not only is he cute, but he’s supportive and always there to help steer you in the right direction.

#9 Luke Cage, Marvel’s Luke Cage

2016men-lukecage.jpgAn indestructible superhero, Luke makes hoodies look sexy and combines a cool attitude with a tireless desire to do the right thing and help people. What’s not to love?

#8 Mon-El, Supergirl

2016men-chriswood.jpgHe might be a lowly Daxamite, but this alien’s hedonistic way of life and smoldering good looks make it OK. He’s not quite the hero yet, but sometimes a fixer-upper is just what you want in a man.

#7 Mike Lawson, Pitch

2016-markpaul.jpgThere’s a good reason that the archetype of the ruggedly handsome athlete is so appealing, and Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s aging catcher is proof. He’s a leader, a supportive teammate and he’s flawed without being completely broken. It’s also impressive that, more than 25 years after first stealing hearts as Zack Morris, Gosselaar still has that same magic.

#6 Jon Snow, Game of Thrones

2016men-jonsnow.jpgThe Prince Who Was Promised finally stepped up this year, coming back to life, getting a well-coifed new haircut and leading his army into battle. Jon Snow is no longer the timid virgin he was when we first met, now he’s a worldly, strong, dynamic leader who men want to be and women want to be with.

#5 Xavier Holliday, No Tomorrow

2016men-sasse.jpgThe ultimate free spirit, sure he may be a little delusional since he believes the world is coming to an end, but that boundless joie de vivre is what makes him so sexy. He’s the kind of guy who will push you to try new things and make every moment special.

#4 Lucifer Morningstar, Lucifer

2016men-ellis.jpgIt doesn’t matter if he’s literally the Devil, he’s sinfully appealing with his reckless hedonism and charmingly offensive personality. And if it makes you uncomfortable to be hot for Satan, just remember that he’s actually the good guy, trying to punish the bad guys.

#3 Darius Beck, UnREAL

2016men-unreal.jpgThis Lifetime series beat The Bachelor by featuring its first black suitor, an NFL player with reality TV-friendly good looks and a surprisingly thoughtful personality. He’s not just a dumb jock who will mindlessly sleep with any random women thrown into a hot tub, he actually made the choice to try and be a better version of himself, which is the real fairy tale.

#2 Frank Delfino, How to Get Away with Murder

144060_0147.jpgFrank is far from perfect, especially since his solution for every problem is to kill someone, but he’s also loyal and devoted. He’s a wounded puppy eager to atone for his mistakes and, to top it all off, this season he got a much needed shave and a haircut to make him even sexier.

#1 Kevin Pearson, This Is Us

2016men-hartley.JPGObviously Kevin is a hot actor, but what makes him the sexiest man of 2016 is his personality. He’s constantly trying to win the approval of his parents and it may create conflict with his brother, but he’s trying to do better. He wants to be a better person and isn’t afraid to cry or reveal his sensitive side. He’s also the most supportive brother in the world to his sister Kate, which really puts him over the top.

Who do you think was the sexiest male TV character of 2016?

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